The Flat Land Trees Will Clap Their Hands


AS A Song or A Symphony in the land of As

     [b]As [/b]you turn the key
     you unlock the trees of the field
     crowned with cloud
     a Kings laurel.
     [b]As[/b] the drawers spring open
     The flat land trees
     clap their hands
     ribboning celebration
     dancing freedom.
     [b]As[/b] the roots are refreshed
     a harvest of seed is carried
     by sound.
     [b]As[/b] the trees pluck their song
     the music swells
     drawing wings in their wake
     that awaken the soul.
     [b]As [/b]the strawberries and seed towers
     note the feast
     loveliness, strength and security
     mushroom up.

As hands are linked
a building takes shape.

     [b]As[/b] joy raptures the soul
     a keyhole of heaven
     [b]A s[/b]ymphony
     [b]As[/b] land door knockers
     appear on the fence
     for those who have eyes to see
     and the birds fly down
     [b]as[/b] free [b]as[/b] a leaf
     sharing in the feast.

Creating “likenesses” is something I have always done and I like the way Jerka has done this too. This competition could have been called “As surreal as Jerka”, so I have created the poem to speak about the “as” ideas in my art and called the world I created “As land” - a play on the lion’s name in Narnia! The prophet Isaiah used earthly images to clothe heavenly things, to ground spiritual things. I hope you catch a glimpse of what he said through my art…Jesus, the Word of God is the key.

One thing often looks like another. Yerka’s art shows some of these connections and mine does too. The y shape in his cathedral window in “Spring comes to the parish”, looks like branches and can be seen in some insect wings. Trees can look like arms reaching up and clouds can look like leaves and leaves can look like birds as I captured on my camera some years ago. Bushels of grain can look like a lion’s main and a crown and so I have emphasized this connection because together the seeds fill out the king of As’ shape. An upside down strawberry looks like a tower roof and fungi that mushroom up. I gave some of my strawberries tower stalks from the first version of towers I did which I used for the whole notes on the music score.

     I placed one main object very central as Yerka tends to put a large object in the center of the image.

“Ultima Thule” - I created the path based on his paths. In this one he has plants between the stones and wider spacing of them along the edges. I widened the space between the stones on the edge of my path.

     "The flood-gate" - I used the shape of the stones in this work for the stones on my path.

“Bathyscaphe” - I used the contrasting blue colour from this work for some of my ribbons and used a similar straightish pencil line wood grain line for my drawers.

“AmokHarvest” - I studied his fields and tried to emulate the pencil like quality and style of them in this work with straightish visible lines of each stalk showing but only heads showing on top of a flatish colour as they recede into the background. I originally colour picked some of the colours from this work then changed them and used the colour replacement tool in Photoshop to recolour them using the colour chart provided.

     "Mushroom's Avenue, 2005" - He has used mushrooms so I made my towers, grain silos and strawberries mushroom up.

“The City is Landing” - I used his towers for the look of my silos and Towers. Many of his objects have a dark outline so I gave some of mine this look but toned it down in the final version.

     "The room farm" I used the tree bark as a springboard for the pattern of bark on my trees, roots and branches.

“The summer” - I colour picked two reds from his strawberries and used them as a gradient for the first layer of my strawberries and used the idea of tall thin trees trunks.

     "Orange grove" - I used his tree trunk for the tree pattern and placement of my trunks.
     "Jealousy" - He has repeated the shape of clouds so I did too.

“Spring comes to the parish” - His cathedral window have a y shape that looks like two trees overlapping. I made my row of background tree branches overlap to produce another tree shape. The crossing of the branches produces a stained glass window, too small to notice unless you take a close up view. I used the y shape in the wings that the music produces and in the branches.

“The Strawberry Grove” - I framed the sky with leaves and would have liked to have hung the strawberries from the top but Jerka had already done that so I hung the music score to give an impression of the top of the crown. The strawberries become the full notes of the music and the jewels in the crown. Some of his works are framed at the top with trees, or leaves so I framed mine.

     "The mystery garden" - I created a symmetric circular edge to my flat land being influenced by the circle in Jerka's.
     "The lion's afternoon" - I used a similar colour and shape for some of my seeds and decided to add lion door knockers.
     "The piano" - I colour picked the sand for my sand.

I used a 3D modeling program for the towers and the drawers then recovered the drawers and some of the tower “hats” in Photoshop and applied filters. I used Flash for the lines of the wings and the flowing music “strings”. I used the bas relief filter for the lion’s main and created a bronze brush to use on the face. I used a seed head photo I had taken for the brush I created for the seeds and a photo of the ground to use as a brush for an overlay on the stones and sand. I used a piece of music I had created in Noteworthy Composer to
create the music score.


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