The Flash Noir, Christopher Brändström (3D)


Title: The Flash Noir
Name: Christopher Brändström
Country: Sweden
Software: Maya, mental ray, Mudbox, Photoshop, ZBrush

So, I finally managed to finish this piece. Started working on it almost 2 years ago but didn’t have time to finish it back then.
This is my take on a 40s version of The Flash. Didn’t want to overdo it with very sci-fi gadgets, nano-fabrics or general high-tech neon-glowy-stuff. Wanted it to feel like a first trial run of the suit before it became the red/yellow spandex suit it is today.
Hope you like it!

Here’s a VERY highres version of the image which I think you’ll appreciate more:


Fantastic cloth. Brillant used look of the leather.
The work was really worth it.
I also like the pose.

Cool work, Chris!



texture work is supreme… really good but the pose looks stiff and un-natural

great work


Looks really, really cool!!!


WOW! Extreme high quality piece :slight_smile:

Fixed highres link (it was a space in the original):


Great work, I love the design and execution of the idea!:buttrock:


PS: How about showing us fellow geeks some wires and unshaded?


Being not familiar with the depicted hero, i can only say that he looks like a smart Swedish sportsman with unique earflaps. Outstanding styling and excellent execution! :thumbsup:


great character, like the textures alot, cloth is great. the only crit i have is the mouth area, it could get more detail/definition.


The costume looks amazing. Great job.


Really well done, this guy deserves an enviroment imho


Thomas-Rudat: Thanks, Thomas! Really appreciate it!

bearfoot: Thanks for the comment and feedback!

MatoH: Cheers dude!

Skoglund: Thanks for the fix! Not sure why the link got altered though.

TheRazorsEdge: Thank you! I’ll post some Zbrush renders for you soon.

zokana: Ha ha ha! I see your point. :slight_smile: Glad you like it anyways!

Kzin: Thanks for the feedback. He’s got a light fairly close to the face which is the cause of that.

DanHibiki: Thank you!

CHRiTTeR: Thanks! I was putting my focus and time on the character but yes, as an action image it’s more appealing with a proper environment.


Like the leather textures and shading. Nice work.


I can feel his speed :slight_smile: Good job


chokata: Thanks! The shading and texture work seems to be what people like the most about this piece.

romanovich: He he… Thank you! :slight_smile:

Here are some zbrush renders:




awesome rendition!
loved the final result of the piece Chris.
Congrats on it!


awesome, materials and textures are perfect!

Love it :thumbsup:


waow…Congratulations … textures & shaders…perfect… :thumbsup:


really good work~ :thumbsup: