The Fix, Jef Wall (3D)


Title: The Fix
Name: Jef Wall
Country: United Kingdom
Software: ZBrush

Hi all,

Here is an illustration I did of a styalised Nosferatu vampire based on the works of Andy Bergholtz.
The base geometry was created in 3DS MAX, sculpted and textured in ZBrush 3
and post work in Photoshop.

Hope you guys like it


Very well done, man! Well executed, good atmosphere and a great composition that tells the viewer what’s up instantaniously. Love his expression!

4 stars!



haha, that’s really funny. awesome work :thumbsup:



Cool character design :thumbsup:


That’s funny! spinning a fatty mate. I want to suck your bud… Ha Ha Haaaa…
Great work! Detail is captivating, found myself wanting to get a fix of my own…


Bravo. Very well executed.


The modeling is by far the best part. The texturing is okay, but the shading and lighting are the weakest aspect and I think this piece could use more work to make it stand out better.


Excellent work, I can’t imagine anything to make it better.


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Fantastic Work Man!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Hello Jef, this work is amazing!

I love the skin texture and the blood around his chin. The expression is wonderful too.

Well done, congrats!


like the teeth and ears… they are very creative.:scream:


lol! friggin awesome!


Thanks for the comments guys…they are much appreciated!


…my new desktop…!


is he rolling a joint??:scream:

really cool model!!



really cool picture. I like this old and shriveled looking nosveratu :). Looks a bit like the older brother of joda who became a vampire.

Very clean render and great texture


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