The First Line of Defence, Bobby Chiu (2D)


Title: The First Line of Defence
Name: Bobby Chiu
Country: Canada

Here’s a humorous illustration I did for Expose 5.

The title of this piece is “The First Line of Defence.”
Started in Sketchbook Pro and finished in Photoshop. I hope you like it!



heheehhehe very very very FUN image! nice work!


Thats great! made me laugh. love the dragon skin detail.


Hey thanks very much to the both of you!

Here’s a wip


This one is fantastic Bobby.

There’s a great sense of scale which makes it hilarious.

The compositon and lighting are first class.

I love the feeling of intense heat that comes through this image, especially through the glowing eyes and mouth of the dragon.




Hey thanks very much Martin! To tell you the truth, I really liked this one as well :stuck_out_tongue: Which is some what of a rare thing.


awesome man! great light,fantastic colors, and lovely stylel;]



How did you do the texture on the dragon?? Looks very impressive!@


Great Image… I like the atmosphere… it’s great ;)… and your skills - fantastic. I love humour in your works. You have your own nice style.

BTW I like your videos on youtube… It’s very inspirating. Sometimes I just listen your broadcast and I’m painting my own work ;).


Great work! Very funny and the lighting is fantastic! Keep up the good work.


XD really fun and well compose image, you can feel the hot and the dragon texture is wonderful.



Damn Bobby, your work is just out of control! You are in my top 3 favs of all the digital artist out there. Couldn’t tell you why in just a few sentences. I could learn a lot from your work. Take care and thanks for sharing.


wow very nice bobby great image i really like you art


LoL This is brilliant. I don’t normally comment on finished works anymore but this really caught my eye on the front page. It definitely stands out as something special.
Wonderful illo.


I love it!


yeah bobby!
this is great, bud…i love it.


The chubby knight is going to kick arse!


:thumbsup: awesome work bobby! i like the style and texture of the dragon is great.


Very funny illustration, Bobby!

The composition grabbed me - it’s absolutely spot-on :thumbsup:



great concept- composition- and character design. If you teach- your students are so lucky.

Good job