The first Czech 3D animated feature movie


The first Czech 3D animated feature movie - work in progress.
There you can see the first Sneak-peek video

from 3D feature movie based on Old Prague’s Legends

There are some work-in progress pictures

Sorry - the web is almost in Czech language :shrug:


man I love this stuff.



Much work!

Well done.

Characters seem like they are moving underwater alot. In the scene with the crowd the walk cycles are a bit primative (side to side movement, shoulder sway). You might have to ease your ‘stops’ as these are abrupt.

The characters are richly textured but the hard edges on the main hero look unfinished. If this is the look you are going for then fine. It does contrast with the quality of the house models and scenes as these seem more finnished.

Nice stuff!
Keep irt up.




You are right - the crowd is just in test mode (This is our own pluggin, and we are test it yet) All walking characters are animated procedural.

You are right with animation too - but this wasn’t animation test - it’s really Sneak-peek. The next trailers will be better :rolleyes:

The “main character” in not Main character, but only one of many characters in movie (it’s old Beggar) We start with testing (RIG, textures, animation…) on additionals characters. The main characters will be made at the end.

The hard edges on head - it’s the aim. The characters may look little-bit like puppets.


New render in HD + postproduction in combustion


New test Render - Used AIR Renderman.

Render time: 10 min (P4 / 2,4 Mhz)


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