The Financial crisis, Ian Spriggs (3D)


Title: The Financial crisis
Name: Ian Spriggs
Country: Canada
Software: Maya, Photoshop

Here is my latest work, I modeled it in maya and it is painted over in photoshop. Inspired by Caravaggio’s Supper at Emmaus. This piece is called The Financial Crisis.
Hope you like it.


A highly interesting adaptation of the style! The manner is recognisable without reading the description - the poses vigorous and slightly excessive, according to the old master, but the scenery replaced by a modern topic - secularized and alienated. Excellent! :arteest:


I totally agree with Zokana! The concept and final result are very interesting.
Congratulations for this cool job!


execelent peace verry expresive and full of emotions


Wow- Cool style. Your portfolio has some nice pieces to look at. I like the dramatic lighting, and the attention you give your characters.


I specially like the lighting and painterly feel of it. great work


Wow, this is 3d???


Everything fit great on this illustration. I like composition very much. Smart choice of inspiration for scene. Central figure looks like a savior in hard times. Great adaptation, great artwork.


Fantastic work. I would never have thought painting over a 3D image would look like this.
Posted it on my blog.


wow man…one of the best pieces i have seen on cgtalk. very inspiring to see such stuff. kudos man :slight_smile:


Wow very nicely done. You’ve captured the Supper at Emmaus very well, and the integration of 2d and 3d is very nicely done.


What a smart and great piece!
Excellent image man! It’s not so usual to see innovating style like your one.



Thanks everyone for the great compliments, I am glad you like my work.


Great work again Ian. Love the lighting, the characters and the painted look of the image. :thumbsup:


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