The Final Battle, Max Kor (3D)


Title: The Final Battle
Name: Max Kor
Country: Israel
Software: Maya, mental ray

I used misss_fast_skin (thanks to Master Zap),
mix8bump (thanks to francescaluce) and
waterblue_vector_displacement (thanks to Jonson_lee).

Crits are welcome.


wow that looks so real its insane nice job


Amazing work, wicked realism. The bump on his face is just right. Facial hair looks gorgeous too. However I do wish that the background was a bit sharper.


AMAZING! the fur looks really really realistic in this image unlike many aswell as the whole face, good work indeed :slight_smile:


good job:)


Truly incredible model and textures, however… his skin seems to be a bit too clean for a warrior… but that’s just a detail… It’s superb.


Love the old scar under the left eye, very nice work & excellant first post.


wow, that is awesome realism, nice beard. i like this image alot, u did a good job.



The Best! Amazing work!


Jesus Christ Mary and Joseph and the three holly spirits and the apostols and the 10 commandments and adam and eve, GOOD GOAD. :eek:


This is one of the best hair I’ve ever seen!
His eyes has life in them and that’s amazing indeed…:thumbsup:
And I love his armor…great work! Is there a body in the future? A full armor suite…


Very Very Nice !
Like the chain mail, what method did u use to make it.


Very well done character! It reminds me a bit on Gladiator :slight_smile:
The hair looks very authentic, also the eyes.
Would be nice to see him looking around a bit and saying a word.
How long was the rendering time?
Definetly a 5-Star-Character :buttrock:



nice work mate! Definitely at the top of the list.
One thing though… to me it looks as if he’s wearing make up. Still, i can’t do that, so yeah… all credit to ya.


This is undoubtebly one of the best pieces I’ve ever seen on CGTalk. The realism is incredible. Great work!


one of the best realistic models i´ve ever seen, congratulations


wow, what a great piece of work u got there! amazing :thumbsup: Those eyes are right on!
The only thing that I can pick is the slight plasticy feel of the skin, not sure what’s giving it that impression, maybe it needs better spec…but the more I stear at it the less it bothers me, it is truely fantastic :applause:


looks good, the only (minor) things I don’t like is the lack of variety in skin tones and the depth of field. the background is fine, but I think the knight himself shouldn’t be blurred anywhere.


Ho Gordles…this is realistic mann!! can you post the wire please??!



Can you tell me where to buy some chain mail like the one in this picture…?
you see ive got this little fetish…


But man this is really awesome work…yummy on all fronts!!

1000000 stars from me :slight_smile: