The Fallen, John Kearney (2D)


Hi, thanks to everyone that has continued to post, any feedback is greatly appreciated. I notice there have been a lot more questions and comments so I shall once again do my best to answer them!

Binder: That’s a wonderful compliment, thank you.

Djampa: Hey, how are you? :smiley: Thanks for posting, I appreciate your kind comments! I am glad that you have decided to see your project through to the end, hopefully I will get to see the results when you’re finished. Will you be displaying the final painting in your portfolio?

Andreasrocha: Hey Andreas, cheers. Love your latest work, btw :slight_smile:

Ha-Dou-Ken: Hi Isaias, I used quite a few layers, but I regularly collapsed most of them (once pleased with the results). I did keep some layers separate, though, the snakes remained on a separate layer so that I could easily paint behind them in order to keep the continuity. Thank you for your question and your compliments!

WaheedNasir: Hey! Long time no speak and my God your digital painting skills have improved! There’s no substitute for a traditional eye, eh? :smiley: Cheers

Cloneops: lol, funny post Christopher, ta for the message :slight_smile:

Zephyri: God Sam, you’re making me blush - haha. Anyhow, I got an award - woo! All your doing? I reckon so :wink:

Vlad74: Hey Vladimir, I am glad you recognised me as the same artist. Thanks a lot for your complimentary post!

Cral: A few people have asked the same thing, I might look into making posters available on my site sometime soon. I’ll have to look into it - cheers.

Shy-guy: Nice of you to post with such a kind message, cheers.

Vivien82: Hi, I’m really not too sure how long it took me to complete as my time spent working on it was scattered between various other projects. Thanks

Caveman2005: lol, you want a painting of the opposing force, I presume? I do have a few ideas in mind, so you never know :smiley:

ArneK: Thank you for taking the time to post such a kind message.

JPGargoyle: Haha, yeah well I’m not too keen on my nightmares either, they are definitely a good source of inspiration though (if I manage to remember them - grr!)

Dianae: Diane, I have no idea what to say to your message, I’m simply gobsmacked, a little embarrassed and definitely overwhelmed! Thank you.

MikeCorriero: Cheers Mike, appreciated :slight_smile:

Gangus: Hey Glen, thanks for the comprehensive post. To answer your question, I didn’t use 3D to help me work out the lighting. For that to be useful, I would probably have had to build the scene in 3D which for me, kind of defeats the object of doing it in 2D. I choose not to mix the two in that way when doing personal work because the enjoyment and challenge is to try and work it out without direct reference. The lighting is pretty inaccurate, I just used artistic license to manipulate it in a way that worked for the elements within the painting. Hope that answers your question!

As for your suggestions, I completely understand where you’re coming from and I think you make some valid points (especially the lava arm going beyond the far leg). However, I do think a different pose would have made it dynamic in a way that I didn’t want for this particular painting. Maybe it would have been possible to make it look a little less rigid and yet maintain a fairly stationary pose. Anyhow, really appreciate your feedback and I’d like to thank you once again for your kind words. :smiley:

Ekah: Glad to read you’re doing well and thank you for taking the time to offer some crits. As I said to Glen, I do understand the points made regarding the pose but my intentions were to stay away from the action pose. Perhaps I could have done it in a slightly different way, though! All the best and thanks for replying again.

Thank you to anyone else that I missed out :slight_smile:




I change my mind about what I said earlier. :hmm: Gabrielle/“Golden Rule” actually makes a valid point about the pose. Perhaps a different pose would make it too much of a cliché that we sometimes expect from such a subject matter.

Anyhow, I should stop hanging around this thread and get back to my own work. :smiley: Keep up the great work.




It’s perfect, very impressive :eek:


Wow, it looks so real! Is it real?

My only criticism is that perhaps it’s a bit too orange - only a bit. It makes it look a bit too futuristic.

On the whole though, great work. I love they way you attacked it with the full 3 prongs (imagination, technique and style).

Anyway, that’s enough from me. I’m off to steal a slice of Dave my husbands pizza before he sees me and scolds me (he can be a real wildman when I steal his pizza.)


A very well deserved award! I was waiting to see if you would get one or not (it would have been a shame if you had not get one!) :smiley: Congrats!


:thumbsup: very impressing, these realistic colours, at least realistic colours in the sense of a selfpainted, out of sphere, picture. this lightening belch, nice.

but how do you do this? if i try to do so, i have only a comic like style. where do you get this colours?


That’s very nice. The skin especially looks great and adds a real eery quality to the creature. It reminds me of Del Toro’s characters, the colonel in Hell Boy and the Baby Eater in Pan’s Labyrinth.

Love it.


Thats scarier than my sister in the morning! Great work :slight_smile:


I love your work,awesome…great mode and lighting composition.nice concept.***** 5 stars.


Absolutely breathtaking! Nice challenge to the 3d industry, to come up with a renderer that does such excellent skin! I cannot begin to imagine how somebody can be able to make work like this, but I’m glad you can and grateful for being allowed to enjoy it!


Wow … just, WOW!:bounce:


What can I say that hasn’t been said! This is just ausome! :thumbsup:


Good work, very good, effects like in movie, but that is 2D, no problem, just continue like this


well well, perfect? all my respect!!!



amazing work :slight_smile: , although it is depressing as it is too good :expressionless:


fantastyc ilumination, and fantastyc textures


insane!! love the skin cape, and arm thingy


great work


You’re a genious, man! Amazing paint! It’s realy hard to find words.


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