The Fallen, John Kearney (2D)


Title: The Fallen
Name: John Kearney
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Photoshop

Hey all, I finally got around to finishing off this painting - it took far too long and I’m glad it’s out of the way :smiley: Anyhow, it was painted entirely in photoshop using fairly standard brushes and the original image is 5000 pixels high.

I hope you like it, if you have any questions then feel free to hit me with them.

Thanks for your time,



Dang man your work is amazing! How long does it typically take you do create pieces like this?


Absolutely great!


JOHN your rendition of skin always leaves me speachless! Done it again :scream: EXCELLENT and that’s coming from a person who’s not too keen on monsters with hooves LOL But that’s just awesome!


Fantastic job on the skin’s translucency. Great to see you posting more work. :slight_smile:


amazing I love it :slight_smile:


k, so i never found the whole devil goat man thing scary. But THIS would invoke fear into me. Soooo much evil… absolutely fantastic


Very pretty, the skin and fire effect looks great!


:thumbsup:wooow i love the skin and the lava arm


Hey John
Great concept,the rendering looks fantastic!


This is really inspirational, and makes me believe in the capability of skin rendition in 2d. I hope you submit it into a mag or a book, I would really like this in print.


Wow, that is scary as heck, but for all the right reasons. The skin is just fantastic!


This work is incredible!


no word can express what i feel! :love:i do love it !!! … in the beginning i thought it was made with zbrush or madbox then a painting over it…but to do it from scratch in photoshop!:eek: i say petter jackson must call you in his next productions…well done bravo :bounce:


lovely work … I really like it !

keep it up.


I am officially blown onto my ass. What a stunner. The skin cape is a stroke of genius, and the light…man, the light. 5*.


Wow, that’s insane. It looks practical 3-D. Amazing job. The character design is truly demonic :thumbsup:


First of all, let me say that this is one of the finest 2D works I’ve seen on the forum. I had to double check and make sure it was in fact 2D and not ridiculous ZBrush. Could you just explain for the 2D Painting noobs out there (well…as far as this site is concerned, me) a little about the process as to what goes in to a painting like this. Sketches? Preliminary saves?

Reveal your secrets!!



that’s a 5 star work for sure, like everything in it, how many sources did you use ?


Wow awesome !great job.5*