The Fall Of The Elsar, Stjepan Šejić (3D)


Title: The Fall Of The Elsar
Name: Stjepan Šejić
Country: Croatia
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

well here is my first real serious finished work and im proiud of it it was done with 256 mb ram and aint nuthin anyone can say to make me feel bad about it lol just kiddin crit away folks hope yall like it.
this was done for the dungeons and dragons contest at deathfall forum, and i cant believe i made it in time.

eek just realised…i wrote no story…maan
well here goes
the bad guys want to get the secret of the final gate summoning thet channels the force of the forbidden magic in order to summon the demon dragon isthafar…what a name… anyways the general of the dark elves wins the war and captures the last of the althari…the keeper of the secret. and here in this moment he demands of her t tell him the summoning chant…and…she does mwahahaha


I want to start out by saying, it looks pretty great :applause:

In saying that, only a few crits. the guy in the background… i dunno if he has small hands or if its something else that’s bothering me about him, but it looks like the hand thats holding his weapon (the staffish/axe lookin thing) looks a little small.

Also, the pose of the woman i’m not so sure about the feel and title of the picture makes me assume that its after a long battle (that and the blood running down her chin) i think she would look a little more tired, or scared in the pose. So, having maybe a little more drained, defeated slouch(having his hand in her hair being whats holding her up)? or have her pulling against the hand in her hair with the hand thats up sort of in front of her face warding off the final blow?

Just some thoughts, but i gotta say it still looks great, love the textures and the style ^_~ keep up the good work!!


looks like poser models.


ya the guy in the background looks, a little off (the hand thing) But the two characers in the foreground are good overall good work


The girl does look sorta like poser but holy jeebus nice work!

I love the emotion and light you have captured. The dragon is fantastic, the whole thing is fantastic in my opinion!



this one looks quite nice i think.
nice composition.
i like it


Wow! Great stuff :thumbsup:

I love the colours and the contrast on this pic. Even though it has dragons, warriors and elf type people in it, i can appreciate the artistry of it. It looks 2d! I thought you posted in the wrong forum for a second there. The only real thing that bugs me (if im being picky) is that the girls leg looks a little wierd where it bends. You got any wireframes to show? Id love to see all that lovely detail.

I smell a frontpage.

Now get back to work with your spectacular entry! :wip:


:argh:That scene is very impressive
nice work!


first of all id like to thank you for the constructive crits, im still gettin the grasp of things…the most frustrating part is that with 256 mb ram u can barely rig a model to pose it so the whole thing collapsed on me a hundred of times, then i got some control and got a hang of the workflow, about the poser models comments…well what can i say, im honoured
but these are all 100 % original mine it would be degrading for me to cheat in such a blatant way, and for those who are interested, here is a link to my wip thread…i i nitially had a different idea…wanted to make a humorous approach…but in the end decided to go serious, when i got some understanding bout the mental ray which i absolutely adore now

here is a link to the main wip thread page for those interested:D

and im so happy i finished in time…cause nooow its spectacular timeeeee
oh and here are some wires…if u want ill post more…just need to get home first lol

and a closeup of the elven queen


Well, i have one major bad thing to say about your pic. Why the hell are you killing the chick?

Also i was wondering whats the deal with that eye looking thing down right?
Great work btw.


Super brate…:wink:


That is no way to treat a lady…



I just adore everything here, good modelling & lightning, that dragon kicks ass.

The girl’s pose is what bothers me a bit, she looks more like a manequin or just too aware that she’s being photographed. Almost like she’s trying to give the camera her best angle.

But as I said this is impressive anyways :applause:


Wow! the characters and atmosphere are nice…


Excellent work! There are a few little flaws here and there, but the solid composition balances it all out. Great colors too!



man 5 STARS! this is realy awsome man it realy blew me away!

Only one tiny crit: Work on the blood more.

for the rest man!

this needs to get on the FRONTPAGE 4 SHO!



This work is really nice!!
Is that…a dragon?

But the man on the left…
He dont even have a pants LOL


This one is a winer at deathfall!

Amazing work Man,you definetly made great illustration with your “SHROT” computer !
256 RAM…sounds like the one I’m working on :wink:
Modeling,texturing,lighting,composition…all so great but the one thing I like the most in your work is that dinamic pose/composition you achived so “classic illu masters great”!
Amazing !
P.Sssssssst…Ocu jos!


double woww, just great work man, your harwdare specs make it even more impressive.great pic


Hah! Youre right there! I didnt notice that before. Im sure hes meant to be wearing something, but the way the cloth clings to his pelvis and groin, as well as the colour and muscle definition makes it look like hes naked.