The extinction of modelers is just a matter or time


…until someone and/or thing EMPs the world, effectively rendering lumps of tech hardware too fancy looking paperweights while classically trained artists continue painting/drawing without missing a beat :wink:


Modeling will be obsolete…isn’t this a bit of a broad statement? Yes, realistic models and characters may be scanned, loaded from libraries, whatever.
Then you have animation, where things will be created manually. It is some possibility to use AI to create scenes based on concepts, but I doubt at the moment will be any good. And then you need proper topology for animation, for the next decade I think this will not change


But isn’t that the point of the original? That they not only ‘just’ de-aged the actors to one age, but created different aged versions of them to tell the story throughout the years. The deepfake version is only using one version of DeNiro (early to mid-30s maybe?) and put this over other de-aged shots from the show.

I believe, it only looks more ‘DeNiro’ to people because it shows the image that people have in their minds when they think of him.

When you think of Doris Day, which image comes to mind?

This image:

Or this image:

Both are correct, aren’t they? But one shows what people have in their mind… :wink:


If the goal is to make DeNiro look like he did in the early 90s, the Deep Fakes version is closer.
IMO casting younger actors would have been healthier though. That’s what they did when they made the Godfather Part 2. No one complained that DeNiro wasn’t Brando.


They didn’t then because there was no expectation that two actors should look the same. I have to assume that in the next 20 or 30 years we will start seeing “fanhanced” versions of movies replacing their official releases. It makes sense that various aspects of film restoration like stabilization, scratch removal, colorization/correction, detail enhancement, will all be crowdsourced to a degree. As “effects” like motion smoothing are increasingly turned on by default by many modern TVs, more people will expect to see the Zapruder film in 60fps 8k and expect Dr. Strangelove to be in full color by default. It only follows that people will want to correct continuity errors involving burning cigarettes and missing hubcaps and errant Starbucks cups. And what greater continuity error than a character’s face and voice suddenly and glaringly changing?
So now I have to wonder which the eventual future creator(s) of the definitive, deepfake version of Godfather will ultimately do. Should DeNiro look more like a young Brando in Godfather II? Or will they go back and make older Brando look more like actual older DeNiro? Or will they split the difference by creating a new virtual face that is equal parts Brando and DeNiro and correct both actors?


But then you get movies like Star Trek Nemesis which are practically ruined by their inability to convince that one character is somehow a younger version of another.


In the case of the Star Trek the movie itself was a bad idea, so the bad casting of young Picard was just one problem among many. Even if they picked a perfect actor for the part, the rest of the movie would have still been poor. In the case of the X-men films-the younger Xavier was good enough on his own to be acceptable in the role.

In the case of Godfather 2, the performances mattered, so they took the time to find an actor who was good on his own to be a lead for those sequences.

The de-aging technology is not good enough at present to replace old fashioned acting and is another symptom of the disintegrating cultural stream–there’s little desire to renew the culture by the corporations-it’s all about brands, even if the actor is too old, they would rather use the old actor and CGI trickery than build a new generation of actors/opportunities.
The Irishman was primarily marketed for its cgi gimmick, not the story or even the trio of actors (their age is one factor, but DeNiro-Pacino in the same movie together had already been done twice before so it wasn’t so historic–neither was a movie about Hoffa which could be considered another brand).


i agree with you, when doing some jobs, there is option to start from scartch or recycle model library or animation libary, just to save time. i think i only use a ready model because i don’t really want to start from scratch unless i want to focus on learning something.