The Exodus, a movie project...we need a texture artist!


Hi all,

my second post here, I posted some pic in the finished work gallery showing up some pic from our movie called The Exodus. It’s a complete 3d movie and we are making it using blender 3d.

We are about 20 person working on this but we lack in something: The Textures!!

This is why I ask here if someone that is good in painting texture (character texture especially) could help us.

Our site:

If you want more information plz ask me. I hope someone will help us :smiley:

Thanks alot! bye! :wavey:


so no one is interested at making the character texture for our movie?

We absolutly need one…if we don’t find one we cannot continu our movie…


Please help us.

Thank you! any help will be appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not the greatest texture artist in the world, but what prog are you using?


We are using blender 3d

it’s a free program. If you can help us it wold be great.


thank you for replying!


Unfortunately I have no experience with Blender 3D, I use XSI. Unless some one can do a UV unwrap for me then I will be pretty useless.


As for textures, you would just want the bitmap, right?

I’m not familiar with blender, what kind of file extension would you be saving that in? .dxf?


I use zbrush, and I can “paint” textures on it, then it will export the as the map or whatever…really nice…

Although I’m a newbie, I haven’t tried texturing, and it’d be a fun learning experience…


Yea we can unwrap the model, then send it to you and you texture it. We only need a .jpg or a .tga

Tx for your offer it would be great to have some help :smiley:

(blender can open .dxf and .vrml for the model file. For the image file it can open .jpg and .tga)


OK, I’ll do some zbrush tutorials on texturing, when do you want to send me the files?


well I said to my character modeller to ucwrap the model. Then I’ll send the uvwrap to you (by your email address uphere?). There is also some other guys that said they could give it a try so I’ll send it them and then I’ll choose the best one :wink: hehe

Well just one thing: the character is not a human but it must be texture as a human!!! Very important. So when I got the uvwrap I send it to you!

Thanks for helping us!


Ok, just quickly, but are you looking for all the maps, eg Colour, diffuse, Specular, bump, reflection?

Email is, but for some reason I can’t open any emails today so if it’s small enough send it to


Well, as I said before I’m kinda a newbie, so I didn’t even know what UV mapping was until I went looking through a few zbrush tutorials on texturing…

The thing with zbrush is to have the model, then you can “paint” on textures on it, then export the textures to use with that UV mapping proggie…

So I guess I"m out of the helping ring until I can learn how to texture…:cry: :arteest:


Um no, I meant like unwrapping the UV manually then giving me a jpeg or somthing with all the UVs stamped on to it so I can use them as guides in Photoshop.

I have loads on at the moment so Idon’t really have time to unwrap them myself after exportin to XSI. I am doing a human at the moment and it has taken me about 12-13 hours to do the colour map on it’s own and I’m still not finished. (my first one.)


That’s just it, wildfire, I don’t know how to stamp the UV’s on…

If I can get a model or whatever into zbrush, usually, all you have to do is paint the texture on, then export the entire texture as a .bmp…

Then if needed, I export the model into rhino, and all I have to do is add that texture in the render properties window, then it works fine…

I haven’t done a lot of cg, so why don’t I just kinda lay low until I’ve done SEVERAL tuts on how to do this…


well yea the color/bump/specular map would be appreciated (diffuse and reflection would be cool but not primordial).

We can uvmap and uvwrap it ourselves, your job is to texture it :wink:

Since UnLevel is using Zbrush that would be difficult…because he must have the model (no?!?) but I’ll send it to wildfire when I got it. ok?

(I’ll get it in max 2 day)


Ok, also send the model to Unlevel, because I’m pretty busy for this week. i’m at work 11am to 9:30 pm including weekends. Only until Sunday next week, so I may not get much time to do stuff. Also I will not be able to see if the seams match up/are blended together as I will not be able to render out tests.

But send it to me and I will make a start. If you can send a .max file to me with the texture co-ordinates already set, then I may be able to render out in max,


well, I don’t have any program to convert file format and blender only save in .blend .dxf and .vrml

I had one some time ago…I’ll search for it (acutrans I think…) well thank you guys

My character modeller just told me that he wil have finish the uvwrapping tomorrow or the day after.



There is a nice script to export to .obj format. It’s really handy because you can export the UV-coordinates too. I figured it might come in handy.

Good luck on the project :slight_smile:


thanks alot…the problem is that I delete python because it was causin problem with my windows 98…don,t know it was making my comp crashing at any moment for no reason that I know. :frowning: so i don,t want to reinstall it…tx anyway

I just found accustans :wink:


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