The Execution of Lady Jane Grey,The tribute., Baolong Zhang (3D)


Title: The Execution of Lady Jane Grey,The tribute.
Name: Baolong Zhang
Country: United Kingdom
Submitted: 10th May 2014

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
Long time don’t post new work, here is the one i work from quite while ago, finally manage to finish it . is a tribute to the master Paul Delaroche ,here is the link
the idea is just tribute to the masterpiece I saw in London national gallery,is just so breathtaking (not the subject), hope you like it :slight_smile:


Here is the grey shader rendering


this is great!
nice models and shading, like the colors alot.


Looks like this came out of a painting. I like it! The mood and color composition is appealing to look at. You definitely depicted everything from the painting very well. What did you use to render and composite this?


Great work and nice shading


Absolutely stunning, I remember being bowled over with the actual painting in the National Gallery in London when I saw it, this is just an amazing copy. Well done.


Absolutely Wonderful!


extremely well done. I wish more CG work was in this style.


unattainable job