The Evergreen, Almog Mizrahi (2D)


Title: The Evergreen
Name: Almog Mizrahi
Country: Israel
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hello everyone.
i decided to take a few days to recreate an old image that i made few years ago.

i fell in love with this turtle which always gave me some sort of magical feeling that he is sitting an evergreen magical forest playing wonderful tunes somewhere we human haven’t reached yet.

modeled in max (rig and pose with CAT)
more details with zbrush
overall drawing with photoshop.

the turtle model was first made for a studio i worked at, and i made this image on my free time.
now i decided to redraw the entire environment and use
the zbrush details mostly as reference to give it more of a drawing feeling

i hope you will enjoy this image as i am.
thanks for watching

for higher resolution image use the link


very cute character and eye catching colors.


well thank you, how is the animation buisness in iran?..


Hi Almog

To be honest with you, animation business is awful here, I hate being in Iran and I’m looking for a way to get out of this hell. Unfortunately, no way out!

How about there in Israel?


Hi roham

The animation business in israel is "Developing"that i can say. there is work mostly on commercials and that also not much. not as i wished. no games or movie industry at all.
very hard to find a good creative work here, but it is possible if you look hard enough.
you can make a living out of it here in 3d if you are good enough.

i had the ability to fly to the US and work there for 6 month and even than i came back to Israel, it is hard to disconnect from land and family. and it was very intense and draining experience for me. (but that just me yes…) i can understand why it can be hard to leave. well partly anyways…

i must tell you that i am very exited to speak with someone in Iran… i never did before
and i am very curios of how things really are (beside the news on tv, which i presume that is for both of us very one sided)

what is stoping you from moving to another place if u dont like where you are that much?


Love the green turtle! cute!


aw.very sweet and beautiful character man.i really like everthing in this piece.
wish u the best and good luck ^.^:beer:


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