The end of the year is coming fast!


Will nevercenter deliver slio 2 on time? I am really itching for the new tools and hope so.


id rather have them take the time to do it right, than give us a release thats under developed and everyone complains.


If the Gods are against me and I don’t get a XBox 360 this season, then getting modo 201 would be a good second prize. Gettin’ both would be b*tchin.


Got my email from Game today to say my '360 would be delivered on launch day (Dec 2nd for us in the UK) morning. Sweet. Come on Brad, lets get 201 out in 2005.


from what i see 2.0 is a huge upgrade. if it comes in feb, mar, etc ill be happy. software comes out late all the time. thats just how it works sometimes :slight_smile:


It would be nice if they released a demo or an alpha version.


I just wish they’d put the upgrade price up online so we can preorder :slight_smile:


Yeah, give us a buggy beta to play with!! I don´t mind, since it will be fixed in the end


Nothing against modo, but this is the silo forum. Anyhow have fun with the 360 and modo 201!


I am still confused, i was under the impression that if you have silo 1.42, you get the 2.0 upgrade for free no?



It depends when you bought it. If you bought it after July 1st then it is free upgrade, if you are like me and bought it in June… a upgrade fee will be necessary for silo 2. It has been said to be less than the cost of the app currently, but that is all the detail we know.


Ahh, i see. thanks for the info.



they’ll probably deliver a beta to play with.


Is there an announced release date for 2.0?


Nope, but I read somewhere on the silo3d forum that they planned to drop it before the new year.





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