The End of the Days and the new Beginning


After long time , I’m starting a new WIP thread here again.
It is about appocalypse - the end of the days. I’m making this pictr. for one small challenge called apocallypse :slight_smile:
So… I made a scetch at the first - it is a simple scetch that it is important to me for the final feeling of the picture.
Here is the scetch.
It is done in PS with tablet.

After I finished my scetch… I started modeling in max.
And here is my newest result after some evenings spent with max . The modeling of the city is not ready yet… I’m working on the details now…

[b]| the previous pictures were on server which is dead now :frowning: |

The latest update



holy crap dude! That’s a cool looking city. Cant wait to see it done


Looking forward to see how this turns out


I know this will be a great piece! :buttrock:


thank you guys… :slight_smile:
I will post some new updates of the city today.
And here is small beginnig of the Angel model.


some update and clay render :slight_smile:


Adding some details to the city.


small test


impressive…I can’t wait for more !


thnx for post :slight_smile: I thought that is only my monologue here :wink:
here is another texture test… I’m using only box mapping for the buildings…(no unwrap)


and here is some small test in photoshop for the light setup.


lookg forward to the tornado in this one…the image skyline seems a little bright but still waiting to see where you take it from here


so… here is some update again :slight_smile:


Hi Shinnok

Awsome work here - curious to see how you’re gonna pull this off tho.

You’ve got an eye for detail, so I’m sure this is gonna rock!!




If i could help a little.
The perspective - for better feelling far distance fog is needed.
For texturing in this scene i sugest to use camera maping - for example -easy way to texture all dirts etc for all bulidings at ones.
Good luck!


Giom: thnx :slight_smile:

Hi, thnx… I know it… This is just a test of lights :wink: . I don’t want this eniroment sky in final pictr. The buildings aren’t all textured yet and there is much work on the back crashed buildings (modeling, texturing etc.) Of c. I will make some fog pass for the final render :slight_smile:

Sry for my english


Remodeled ruins


Yea, this looks alot better.



thnx man :slight_smile:


Impressive so far :applause:
Wanna see more :stuck_out_tongue:

The new back buildings look a lot better now, but its not something I would have critisised had you not done it.