The Duplicator Series


  We would like to present to you the latest work from Meindbender Animation Studio for Cartoon Network; 

The Duplicator Series. Animated in Maya, rendered with Maxwell Renderer using HDR’s Rendernet.

       Credits vary from film to film, but over-all we are:
       Olov Burman - Director, Animation
       Michael Bengtsson - Lighting, Rendering
       Calle Halldin - Animation, Rigging

Marcus Ottosson - Animation, Modeling
Tony Österlund - Rigging
Ola Larsson - Props
Rickard Germundsson - Intern

   Music and Sound Design by Robert Lundgren ([](
               We hope you like them as much as we enjoyed making them!
        Feel free to visit our website at [](
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               Download List:
               (Mpeg2 Right Click and Save Target as)
               [u]The [/u][Duplicators](
               [u]It´s [/u][Magic](
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               /Michael Bengtsson CEO Meinbender Animation Studio


That’s sooo awesome! Plug it plug it! Frontpage material forsure!


Thanks to Goro for the heads up!



Soo awesome!! Love them all!

Congrats to all involved!!


awesome - I really like the clay, stop-motion feel to this too :thumbsup:


Great stuff :thumbsup:


They remind me of the Nick Jr claymation ads. Great work, I really love seeing this type of style.


These are amazing!! I’m really into Modo rendering right now. This makes me want to try Maxwell.



Hahaha, these are awesome! Will they air in Europe?


those are really cool, i think the last one is my favorite. how long did it take to render them with maxwell.


I love the black ones first expression in the duplicator! = D
Great stuff, maxwell looks great in this one.


one of the best things i’ve seen in a while! amazingly great! congratulations!


great stuff!


What can I say, amazing!
The materials, the animation, the breaking-of-boundaries-of-3D-animation…feels like it’s shot like stop motion but still fluid as CG.
Is it by any chance possible to get a little glimpse to the rigs for your characters? After all, that’s the thing that is the most fascinating to me. How did you get so diverse shapes out of your characters?
once again, congratulations and big thank you for sharing!


Congrats guys, the technology is completely invisible. I’d love to see a behind the scenes reel of these.


Badass work.


kuddos to everyone involved! i’d like to see more! :applause:sure a making off or some glimpse to the rig and stuffs would be top notch, thanks guys :thumbsup::buttrock:


perfect & awesme & cool …yeeaaaaaaa!


I’d love to hear about how the animation was made to look so much like stop-frame. And what it’s like to use Maxwell on an animation.


Loved LOT :bounce: :buttrock:
great animation