The Duet, Balázs Pápay (3D)


Awesome! One of the best pictures of the last few months! Congrats to this great job!

Nagy! (Hope, this was right ;D)

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Wow, nice work,I love it! The metal material is very good!


woaaaa 0. …

superbe concept and perfect realisation

thanks a lots for sharing , i love it

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pretty solid piece mate :slight_smile:



Impressive models and great composition.
A truly inspiring work. Congratulation!


thats definitaly a masterpiece. l loved too much.


great image
the concept reminded me of the amazing sculpture “vibrosaurus” by Constantin Luser


it’s like Mac Donald, I’m loving it…

Great Idea, and very nice render!


Nice concept apart from that awesome work…
really amazed by the details…


One of my favorites I’ve seen in the awards gallery in a long time! I hope everyone is clicking on it to see the awesome hi res version :slight_smile: Great detail you have in there, it really bends the mind.


Very good model and nice lighting :applause: :applause: :applause:


very inspiring!


Now this definitely deserves front page! Good stuff! :thumbsup:


Fantastic !!!


Absolutely great!
I love those trumpet bugs :slight_smile:



Amazing Work mate … its really really Amazing …heads of to you … :slight_smile:


nice concept … love this


amazing idea,
it can be done in a harry potter movies :arteest::thumbsup:


Congrats on this marvelous piece!
I admire your skills and concept.


I really like like !

Well deserved award :thumbsup: .

The idea behind the picture is great, congrats for that :slight_smile: