The Duet, Balázs Pápay (3D)


Brilliant work man - great concept and fantastic execution.

Keep it up!


Pretty much agree with everything everyone else said, amazing render, fantastic modeling, and probably the most original idea I’ve seen in a long time. Absolutely fantastic work man, you made my day!




Great job!
The metal materials look 100% photoreal!
This is such an excellent idea for animation, will be cool to see how they are actually playing.


great work and idea. The closeups are excellent, also. Very well done, 5stars from me.


[left]this is totally crazy.[/left]
[left]perfect use of 3D[/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]5 stars well deserved.[/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]i wondr if you will be able to amaze us again with yr next post after such great image ;)[/left]


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Perfect image, with very nice and warm atmosphere!
exellent quality of everything,model light texture…
personally,I only got problem with the bug-like legs of characters ,
but congratulations anyway,it is a perfect image in deed!:applause:


That’s wicked sweet! You play beautiful music in 3D.


That is so sweet. I can’t even look at it.

Truly a breakthrough in concept.

I have never been tempted to copy anyones idea,

but you have just changed the game.

I hope you copyright that because everyone is going to copy this

and put it on TV.


well I love you Alonzo, but I have to say, this is nice, but far from impressive.
“metal spiders” have been done over and over. And frankly the shading of that type of metal is pretty basic. The artist is definately talented, but wholly unoriginal. Hard surface shading is 3d 101. And the IK involved if it is even used is the most basic of all IK.

That said, its nice. But man people, we need to complement and encourage our fellow artists to strive for concepts much deeper than metal bugs. Ive seen 2 or 3 feature films using these bugs. (starship troopers) I complement the artist on execution. But please, lets not wet our collective pants.


So Increadible work, Amazing work.:bowdown:


my god, seriously, you bow down to that. Maybe in Iraq. How ridiculuous…


Im new here, so let me be clear. It is a very nice piece of work. I just was trained to see beyond the obvious. Take this idea and make it your own. Lose the bugs aspect of it. Come up with something you have truly thought of. Challenge yourself is my point. Overlall it is certainly nicely done…


wOw!really great job!i can’t belive it!i really love it!


wow, maybe im in the wrong forum,

WOW ooohhhh. awesome… from Iran.

ok, i need to understand everyone here, it must be a language thing…


Increadible man !!

5 stars with no doubt :smiley:


its nice but man, he is not going to improve with such kiss ass commentary…


what about the making ??

will you prepare it soon ?


It’s curious why you have used a piano score for the floor in a wind instruments fight…, but hey, the idea is great! :smiley:


Brilliant idea and well executed! I love the choice of instruments for each insect!