The Duet, Balázs Pápay (3D)


nice work


i keep coming back to this picture, its fantastic! pure joy to look at.


It’s so beautiful, thank you for sharing!


It’s cool~!!!


this is very creative and original …I love it and really hope to see more of your great work …5 big shiny Stars for this :slight_smile:


amazing, i’m totally in love with this


nice idea and execution.


great work
I’ve really enjoyed…


Wow, crazy details! I like it a lot. Concept is very original as well!


I love the details in the modeling and the textures. The concept is very interesting too. :thumbsup:


Amazing concept. And the attention to detail is amazing. I love how the musical appliances come to life. Its truly outstanding. Well done :slight_smile:


good idea
VR’s GI veyr nice !:lightbulb



Love the concept. Very inventive and creative.


Creative work!! impresionant!!


Very Nice! It is a very clever and unique idea.


I love it. Thank you for sharing!


I think the most difficult is the model,vrey good!


Despite the character being very alien to our race, she is beautiful, unique, her texturing is marvelous, the colors and warmth of the picture is amazing, her expression priceless. I disagree with a previous poster, the hair is great. Maybe this race doesn’t have really thick hair, maybe it is short and wavy and thin and they take years to grow out beaded strands. I think your creation is glorious!


awesome, i search for words!


Great work!! n nice concept as well as great lighting…congrats Balázs :beer: