The Duet, Balázs Pápay (3D)


this pic is just amazing. i like the way you made dust look. not only dot-like but a hair piece or something like that. it makes the book look like at least 50 year old. nice work :slight_smile:


really Amazing! detail works and the connection with each other, was very impressive …I congratulate you :thumbsup:


Great Idea, amazing Picture :slight_smile:


such a cute work, very nice!


nice work


i keep coming back to this picture, its fantastic! pure joy to look at.


It’s so beautiful, thank you for sharing!


It’s cool~!!!


this is very creative and original …I love it and really hope to see more of your great work …5 big shiny Stars for this :slight_smile:


amazing, i’m totally in love with this


nice idea and execution.


great work
I’ve really enjoyed…


Wow, crazy details! I like it a lot. Concept is very original as well!


I love the details in the modeling and the textures. The concept is very interesting too. :thumbsup:


Amazing concept. And the attention to detail is amazing. I love how the musical appliances come to life. Its truly outstanding. Well done :slight_smile:


good idea
VR’s GI veyr nice !:lightbulb



Love the concept. Very inventive and creative.


Creative work!! impresionant!!


Very Nice! It is a very clever and unique idea.


I love it. Thank you for sharing!