The Dragons of Ordinary Farm Cover, Kerem Beyit (2D)


great art work , i love the depth you manneged to capture.


wao~what a draw!


Great work! Me loves the composition and mood.


A thoroughly deserved Award for an incredible piece of work - delighted for you Kerem!



awww… how can anyone butcher something like this? Such a shame. :hmm:
Amazing piece. Love the composition and light. Great work!


[left]The work of more than a great show, and precise details on the skill of a professional and super nice Alloan very well deserved win[/left]


Congrats man :thumbsup:


nice good job…


Wow, I looked up the book cover and you’re right, they completely changed your work. I guess the editor wanted to take it in a different direction. Oh well. Great job on your part!


That’s one of the best dragons I’ve seen, nearly passed it by from the thumbnail on the front page.


Great colours! I also like all the small details on the ground and in the background. Very cool. :thumbsup:


ohh boy, I just had a look at the “butchered” version at amazon…

I like your original version much better, its so much better I can’t tell you how much.


beautiful … that one is very beautiful, alot of details :thumbsup:


The texture really captures the mood and the sense of movement and wonder on the girls face makes this painting priceless. I really like this one a lot.


Love colors and dragon design!
Good job!


I love it really wonderful colors


excellent work man as usual



Thanks for all the kind words, guys:)


great work … really like it …


Great look and feel - and design