The Dragons of Ordinary Farm Cover, Kerem Beyit (2D)


Title: The Dragons of Ordinary Farm Cover
Name: Kerem Beyit
Country: Turkey
Software: Photoshop

Cover art for the upcoming Tad Williams book “The Dragons of Ordinary Farm” . I made this for the German Edition. They butchered the artwork in the actual cover with big back lights and color correction but this is the original version.

Photoshop CS2
(Approx. 30 Hours)

Hilden Design © 2009
Hobbit Presse - Klett Cotta © 2009


Realy awesome, I love the color and the textures of the painting. Good work!


So brilliant. I just love dragons :slight_smile:


cool composition :slight_smile:


I love it, inspirational.


Merhaba, Kerem Beyit. Beautiful perspective. Awesome colouring. Outstanding illustration.


so so fascinating mood, attracting so much
great masterpiece:)~


great scene
amazing furious dragon design
the composition is excellent

congrats Kerem


wow! I love the composition and textures! great image! :slight_smile:


No one can make dragons look so good as Kerem Beyit


Great work, a very strong piece, really well done…The dragon is soo cool, wish i could work like this too, love everything in it…:applause:


yes, you are right!
i think he is the dragon or he has dragon skil.salute!


:slight_smile: Thank you guys! I am glad you like it.


I already told you I like this piece … but I tell it one more this: I LOVE this piece ^^


Kerem, this is a sublime piece of work man - some of your strongest ever I think. You’re a master of dragons, you really are :wink: Phil


Wonderful composition and color palette. I love it. :slight_smile:


Of all your paintings this is one of my favorite. I just love it!!:applause: :thumbsup:


Awesome perspective. Stunning work!


Hi Kerem you did a nice work again,keep up the good work
good luck :thumbsup:


really cool, congrats man, its definitely a great piece of art.