The Doors of Time, Kurt Williams (2D)


Title: The Doors of Time
Name: Kurt Williams
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

This started as a character idea of someone I saw from a great distance. I wasn’t close enough to make out any features and when I finally did get a better look, she didn’t look anything like this (big surprise). Anyway, the final size is around 3500x5700 and it was entirely painted in Photoshop.


Here are a few detail images for anyone that wants to see them.


This reminds me so much of the work of Dali, just less complex and obscure. Your painting technique seems inspired from the classiques. I love that dramatic background, your colors and the softness of your brush. I am suprised to be the first one to comment. 5 stars from me.


I LOVE the guy in the back! His fiery footsteps are really clever. I dig the front chick, too, but I feel like maybe the glow from the orb would be hitting her under-chin too, maybe? Still, wonderful details…cool piece!


Hi Kurt,

Great work. Do you have a story behind the image? Very cool!


Hey everyone,
zboubi- Thanks!
Chris- I was thinking of adding more light in front too. I actually tried and couldn’t seem to get the right balance with the rest of it, I guess that I need more work on invented light to pull off something like this. One thing I’m noticing is that all my work looks drastically different on a Mac than on a PC. I can’t seem to find a profile that works universally yet. The PC’s tends to display closer to the original which is much darker. The Mac set-ups are all displaying washed out ranges of color (if anyone has any insight, please chime in:)).
Anthony- As far as a story goes, I really didn’t intend it to be more than a character study but imagined that it could mean different things to different people. One thought I had was that the main character is searching a battlefield graveyard, opening doors for lost souls into a new time and that was only possible after the plants (around her feet) began re-claiming the land. I always thought of volcano’s and fire as symbolizing doorways so I added that in the background too. I had many other ideas but this one seemed to stick as I painted.

Thanks again for the c&c’s!


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