The Day the Music Died


Frankly…your questions are insulting.


Well, to be fair, I think some Maxon employees might feel the same about some of your postings :wink: , Other than that, it’s good to have some sort of reference to your work…I really didn’t think, you were going to give any…


My heyday in motion/interactive design was a long time ago, but once–with help from super employees-- created projects for Samsung, HP, T.I, ABC Radio, and Ericsson. Now I’m an old fart. Thanks for pushing my face in it.


I’ve never criticized the employees at Maxon, save the new CEO…and the parent company Nemetschek.

Indeed while many users on the main c4d forums BBQ’d Maxon software devs for slow progress, I always defended them. True for years. Paul Babb sent me a card and some Maxon schwagg for defending them midst all the criticism.

It’s when things go off the rails morally that I have a problem. That’s all on the upper echelon, not the good employees at Maxon. Yes, I said ‘off the rails morally’. I’m old-fashioned – I still believe in humanity, goodness…that kinda thing.

In truth… as sad as I am for longtime users…I’m even more sympathetic for Maxon employees . They have to show up to work for McGavran.


Well it’s nice to know you were rewarded for you bullying tactics to anyone who was slightly critical of Maxon or C4D over on C4DCafe. I’ve been rereading some of your finest work over on the Cafe.

I can remember several times you campaigning for people to be banned because they expressed an interest in other software or were critical of some pretty lousy C4D releases in recent times.

I wonder if Paul Babb will reward anyone else with goody bags who bully you off C4D forums? You’ve been more hyperbolic and outspoken than many of your own targets.

It appears the only issue you have is that Maxon have decided to go down the subscription route but I suspect that had they not you’d still be a Maxon man and you’d be piling in on anyone who voiced criticism of the pathetic featureset of R21. Maybe you’d be well on the way to getting another goody bag from Maxon as reward?


Now this is a post that at least merits consideration. Far beyond other recent drivel. Props! I’ll reply when I’m rested and coherent.


These posts are like watching a bad breakup on a reality tv show.

I think it’s time you tell Maxon they’re not getting a rose and move on.


So what´s your problem? Streamlined their product. No more separate versions?
If competitors like Maya had 4 different versions. Think about that.

This kind of whining posts are not giving anything to c4d user community.


So this is all because Maxon changed their pricing structure? Maybe it’s more than that but it seems that that is the main issue.

If you have access to any news sources, maybe check them out and learn about the millions of people in the worlds who would be so happy if the worst thing that happened to them this month is their software changed to a subscription model.


I think it was a really honest move by Maxon to remove the Studio branding with R21.

Cinema 4D hasn’t been a studio application for years. C4D has been propped up by a vast array of expensive 3rd party plugins from XParticles, to RealFlow and copious 3rd party renderers as Maxon has been found wanting in keeping large parts of the application up to date.


Agree. Perhaps it makes selling one package easier for resellers too. In the long run it would be better to integrate better particle system and fluid simulation rather than use 3rd party plugins. It depends if plugin companies want to merge with maxon product or not.
I think subscription system is good if it has
monthly payment option like adobe. Freelancers don´t have to invest big money for full software.
Makes pirating licence less attractive because you can have legal software for less payment than
purchase full package and get loan from bank.


There are no resellers from this point forward. Maxon wants all the monies.

It would be better if Maxon at least pretended to be interested in developing C4D. Plugin developers are prevented from integrating their plugins because Maxon holds functionality back. Why do you think Insydium are busily rewriting the whole mograph system and having to write their own dynamics system?

Pirates pirate because they don’t want to spend any money. No pirates will be signing up for the Maxon Subs plan they’ll use the same sources for cracked software they’ve always done.

Honest, well-heeled customers who just happen to want to own their software are being treated like dirt. I don’t see how it is beyond the wit of man to offer the MSA and Subscription at the same time, keep all your customers happy. Unless you want them on Subs for a reason?

It is just a lot of nonsense to pretend subscriptions makes things simpler or would attract pirates. Subscriptions are just about eroding consumer rights even further, that’s the only function. Don’t get me wrong Subscriptions are not all bad and can be good in some circumstances, who could deny that Houdini Indie is incredible value for money? There are a lot of good Subs plans out there but unfortunately Maxon worship Mamon and have chosen the most cynical of Subs schemes, the Adobe model.


Here’s my rested response.

I believe longstanding customers who have contributed to the community have every right to communicate our views.

And also at some point–it will be time to move along and let the others carry on in peace.

As I recall…the anti Maxon (pro Modo/Houdini) sentiment back then lasted many months, perhaps years.

As to those who whine about our comments–when it’s been only about 10 days since we have clarity on the new forced-sub model…that’s their problem. I think at some level there is jealousy towards those moving on to something exciting…when R21 is a dud and breaks plugins.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here…but it won’t be 3 months.


…since we have clarity on the new forced-sub model

Repeating incorrect information again and again does not make it true. Perpetual is still there and will remain. It is just not the only option anymore.


As I understand the pricing on the perpetual would be over $900 per year. And purportedly no Cineversity. So yes I’d say there is coercion towards subscriptions.

And if there is confusion…it’s sure not anything other than what Maxon that has created. FUD to feed subs.


You’ve voiced your opinion and you aren’t adding anymore weight to your arguments and as you point out Maxon isn’t going to listen.

Maybe you should’ve rested longer, you’ve forgotten the Cafe had the Lounge section which everything was discussed, all software, things happening in the industry, everything. But you took it upon yourself to be forum police and come down heavy on anyone discussing software particularly Modo and especially Houdini. What were you scared of?

The difference between this forum and the Cafe’s Lounge is this forum is specific to C4D yet you think you’re entitled to a different standard of behaviour to those people who were discussing off topic subjects in an off topic forum. See the rank hypocrisy much?

I don’t know if it was this activity that Babb rewarded you for or whether it was the aggression you showed anyone who gave a less than glowing critique of the latest C4D release or the abject poverty of communication from Maxon?

3 years later and every single one of my critiques still stands. I vividly remember HSrdelic proclaiming that the new core would allow much bigger updates, how’s that working out? The new core went into C4D at R16. That’s 5 releases and not a single sign that fundamental architectural issues that plague C4D artists is ever going to be addressed. How many more years? It’s never going to happen, they haven’t got the calibre of developers to pull it off.

No wonder Babb acknowledged you, did you get a nice snug fitting t-shirt and baseball cap?


I have enjoyed 3 of the 5 last releases quite a bit. R20 was awesome.

My enthusiasm for Maxon has been tremendous and I certainly don’t regret it. The card and schwag were a nice gesture.

It seemed to me that there were users there–perhaps you were one–more on a mission to destroy than anything else. Criticism and protest are one thing. It went beyond that. And it when on and on.

Again…I have no intention of staying here much longer.


It has been mentioned that they are now looking into options for providing Cineversity to perpetual customers.


Not sure where you got that information from. Firstly plugin developers are not prevented from doing anything. Maxon isn’t holding anything back from plugin developers. Secondly Maxon still has all the original developers, the same ones that built the product you all like to use. And they have been hiring people consistently over the past 5 years and they are still hiring. They are all very very busy. I for one am interested to see what they will be able to do once subscriptions start, since they will no longer be bound to the yearly update cycle and will be able to have more flexibility to start releasing new features throughout the year.


This are the kind of posts is what makes today Maxon horrible.

Did you maintained the benefits that perpetual buyers had?