The Day the Music Died


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I like you IceCaveMan, for what it’s worth, but these pointless top posts are a bit much.


Priest, in your situation I can understand how you would feel that way.

You are a top pro in every way…and I suspect software terms and prices are a trivial concern for you. It’s different for many of us. We can’t predict our future finances and thus subscriptions are a dead end street.

I don’t believe the 3 founders would have ever favored forced subscriptions on the user base.

I enjoy you too, btw. :v:


I’m pretty happy I stopped upgrading and jumped off the treadmill, it’s taken the best part of 8 - 9 years before I’ve really got the most out of what Cinema 4D has had to offer, in that time I’ve been able to enhance it vie other software tools and hardware.


There are different flavors of capitalism. One flavor says this:
“We will create great products of superior quality and thereby repeatedly win our customer’s favor. We will profit and thrive through value offered.” To the degree companies depart from such a spirit, I believe they lose their soul.

There was a day when Adobe was such a company and when Apple was such a company. Not as much anymore, IMO. Now Maxon takes the lesser path…


What Priest was getting at is - we all know exactly how you feel. There’s absolutely no sense in beating a dead horse. All due respect, but at this point it’s just needless whining.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we have listened to yours. It’s fine that you are so unhappy, but there are alot of people who do not feel like you and will continue using C4D. This is a forum FOR Cinema4D users, and since you are clearly moving on and thus no longer going to be a C4D user then please move on. It seems like you have found a new place over at Blender (which is great, I’m glad you have found a new direction) - so head over to the Blender forums and start a new positive role there.


No doubt that’s where I’m headed., but it hasn’t even been two weeks since the announcement. These things need a little time.

Beyond that I want to help others here in the community that are also charting new course.

And way beyond even that…the beauty of Maxon’s founders, their vision and creation…begs appropriate honor. We should remember what they left us…when they had to leave us.

Lyrics posted above seem apt. For many…when these 3 left…so did the music.


Don’t forget though that these were the same 3 guys who thought it was fine to never update bodypaint, sketch and toon, hair, or cloth for a decade and still charge you upgrade fees every year. They were businessmen too, not really the spiritual angels you seem to have idealized them in to.


Of course they weren’t angels. Nor was Steve Jobs! Or Adobe’s leadership prior to Shantanu Narayen.

Here again was my criteria from earlier in the thread:

We will create great products of superior quality and thereby repeatedly win our customer’s favor. We will profit and thrive through value offered.” To the degree companies depart from such a spirit, I believe they lose their soul.

Companies like people all land along a gradient. But to coerce long-time owners of a software into a subservient subscriber status…yeah…that’s crossing the line, IMO.


The “music has certainly died” as far as this forum is concerned. :frowning:


This place is all but dead, for the most part. The blender thread, OTH, that Arail started is ALIVE. Perhaps those alert will notice a pulse, compared to the lack of it.

When I’m gone I’m going to miss most everyone here. Definitely not you so much, JD. (I’ll leave it at that).


I believe that I’m probably one of the very few that did bring music here, on a regular basis… This is my latest compendium with visuals… :smiley: Interestingly, I actually started to make my own music around the time I first ever used Cinema 4D, I mean real 4 - 5 minute tracks using Amiga Trackers…some 25 years ago…


Lovely… Now I’ve got that bloody song stuck in my head.

I am perilously close to completing my feature length Marvel based fan film in the late fall/ early winter.

All rendered in Maxon Cinema4D Rll.5 Studio
with Daz Genesis Characters imported Via .obj /MDD
using the riptide pro plugin.

I exited the Maxon Hamster wheel before MSA
and, like Scott_M_C4D-2 , I continue to leverage every bit of utility out of the heavily plugged version I own.


Ok, you definitely lost me there.


yes i agree.


The C4dCafe forum is far, far more active.

And far more angry at Maxon:

It’s difficult to imagine this forum having a meaningful future.


IceCaveMan do you have any good examples of work you’ve created with Cinema 4D. I mean, are you creating anything that would cause you to make such as a song and dance for ?


I’ve used c4d and other motion graphic apps for TV commercials, trade show media, online training, event media. I’ve had several Fortune 500 clients, though certainly not in recent years. I owned a studio that had 3 employees.

I’m in my late 50’s and I know how the world works. My ability to capture lucrative motion design gigs…those days are gone. I don’t bother with an online portfolio anymore.

The past few years I’ve focused mainly on database work, which pays the bills. Now a 3d hobbyist. I value my creative work and want to always be able to open, view and edit my files longterm w/out concern. I have no family. I do love 3d as much as anything in my life.


Well you don’t even ned an online portfolio, to share any work you’ve created,… online sharing vie dropbox is how I share stuff although I did have a blog from the old defunct blogger site years ago… other than that there’s plenty of ways to share your work… even here has an upload function. Also any reference to TV commercials can be easily found online,… what commercials were these ?