The Dark Knight Triumphant, Jason Mark (3D)


Title: The Dark Knight Triumphant
Name: Jason Mark
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

YET ANOTHER BATMAN??? Yeah, Frank Miller’s classic cover has always been my favorite image of the caped crusader. I figured it was about time that I paid homage to it. I have always liked the old, hulking, beat up version that ignited my love with the character some 20 yrs back (man, that dates myself… getting old LOL)
The base mesh was created in 3DS max and then finished off in ZBrush. I used the default scanline render from max, and retouched it afterwards in photoshop.
I hope you like it, I had a lot of fun making it.
Please look at the hi-rez version. It’s bigger = better :wink:
C & C always welcome ( It’s nice to know people take the time to look at your work)


Incredible work and definitely up there with the best Batman models.

5*s from me and keep up the great work.


A.MA.ZING.! :smiley: Very awesome model. Love the detail on the clothing, following the muscle contours. Also like how the blood on his clothing looks wiped off. I would maby just ad some sort of pupil into the eye, but then again maybe its just me…maybe it might take away from the madness but all in all a really well made piece. Congrats!


Great character!


Friggin awesome! Best Batman I’ve ever seen! :cool:


Wow! Great works!


great work man 5 stars from me:)


Awesome job,show us some zbrush screens!


Maybe the suit’s blue could be a bit darker… But it is awesome.


Absolutely. Bloody. Magnificent.

This is up there with the best of them, Jason - seriously, One of the best Batmans I’ve ever seen.

I really hope people keep this at 5 stars - it deserves it.


LOL, amazing combination between Batman, Joker and Scarface.:cool:


Oh my God!

I like it… really great modell and lights.



man … that’s what I can call “Incredible Batman” …

nice model and details … really liked it too much :slight_smile:


I don’t usually comment on caracther modeling posts, but this one is absolutely amazing. Your modeling is perfect as well as the lighting scheme.

Keep up the extraordinary work.

I’d really like to see a stylized Joker, how about that? :cool:

Best of luck.


WOWWW ! :scream:

Really great model !


love the model… specially his mask. great work and yeah one of the best batmans i have ever seen. 5 stars from me to. Although i think u could make this image even better by placing him in some dark alley or something.


wow! now that is an excellent piece of modeling !
it contains everything,all the tension & emotions, in this singleframe
you express his whole existence, all that happened in a lifetime…
i´m also stunned by your style, wandering this fine line between realism & comic/graphic
proofs your technical skills as well as your talent.

i can´t wait to see this masterpiece in an environment where he belongs, some roof or backalley, this kind of car-studiosetup is the only thing i´d have to critize…

congratulations, this is an exceptional piece of work !

btw, how about some wireframes ?!


…one of the best!


Now This is really nice work :slight_smile:



Great work man, the model, the textures and the pose are perfect :slight_smile: