The DALEKS are back!!!



"Doctor Who’s arch enemies the Daleks are coming back to the series after a lengthy dispute between the BBC and the creator’s estate was finally settled. [/b] [/i] The estate of sci-fi writer Terry Nation had originally blocked their return to the classic BBC One show.

But the BBC said an agreement had been reached ensuring that the Daleks - voted the most evil Doctor Who villains of all time - would be back."

It will be interesting to see how they will reimagine them. I guess upside down dustbins on wheels won’t do for todays audiences. No doubt they will be mostly done as CGI for their return. :slight_smile:


Might make for a good CG challenge - how do you see the daleks returning?


This link has 2 design pictures including a test 3D shot created by Amblin to download of a newly designed spider like Dalek, which they were thinking of using for the Paul McGann Dr Who (1996) TV movie, but dropped it in favour of a different script with the Master character instead for budget reasons.

I quite like this and wouldn’t mind if they used a similar idea for the new TV series. Maybe on the last episode, we will see a glimpse of the new Daleks as a cliff hanger.


how do you see the daleks returning

Minivan! :smiley:


YES!:bounce: :buttrock: When I read on the Dalek Builders Guild that they were not going to be on I was dissapointed to say the least. But, there was another train of thought that the whole Daleks not being on Dr. Who was a publicity stunt.

BTW the baddies of the first episode in the new series are going to be the Autons.


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