the curse of the dark queen


i started this a few days ago, this is a first glance, I intend to post any further progress as often as possible. I quiet much am over my artistical crisis and back to cgtalk, so happy new year all and here we go with another pixelrun :slight_smile:

here’s the first rough sketchwork


pfft old stuff we need colors already taps foot on ground, looks at wristwatch, sighs

good to hear u got over your crisises , buddy, let’s see u rock again :thumbsup:



Hey bro!..well this is too good for a “rough sketchwork”…those girls looks very nice already…ok man,ill be following your progress:thumbsup::thumbsup:


hooooraaay angel ! wb :smiley:

nice start :thumbsup:…aaaahhh…finally the girls are back mhhhhm


Looking very promissing! :thumbsup:


Nice to see you back at the drawing table :slight_smile:

I second the color notion, splash a little RGB on the team :smiley:


hey sacha~u’ve been away for long now~what hav u been doing mate?
'm gonna subscribe this,miss ur hot ladies :thumbsup:


Hey sacha, nice sketch, I will try to follow ur progress good luck!:thumbsup:


I like this. Subscribing so I can keep in touch.


a short explanation, this is a cover, a poster that is supposed to be printed 80x60 cm large, so in manner of a better landscape and more atmosphere i have made the characters in the bottom area smaller, working on the values atm. i will 99% secure paint the sorceress again since in the new position she is totally off.
all elements here have a meaning, left side, the ghostfence, the horn shaed rocks left and right are the mark of the pathway to the cave of azura, the beloved godess, the prophecy who will choose Nerevarine, the Hortator, the one who shall free the lands from the shadow.
behind them, the ashlands, the home of the dark elvish tribes, the town with the castle belongs to a funny wizzard and is the last so called civilized spot before the wil northcoast begins (no mushooms on it yet, lol, the darkelvish wizards and their funny excentric ideas, why live in a castle if you anyway mess it up with a mushroom house after :p)
the red foggy atmosphere is a relict of the mighty blightstorms that poison the lands…
The dwarf is not actually accurate, the dwemer are a long time gone race and it was a clientwish to paint him in there too. tha last of a kind, appart from the blighted fleshmoutain into a dungeon of… of course, an excentric wizzard, aggain :stuck_out_tongue:

here’s the update, i started to paint t over my pencils this morning and intend to show another update later today.


Whee, purty. :slight_smile: Love your style, can always recognize your work. :slight_smile: Only crit right now is that the male human warrior’s legs look a little short (it’s either that or his torso is too long).


I think his feet are behind a rock :).

Looking great man, The evil queen has a great face, very creepy for a pretty lady like that, heheh.

:surprised very… creepy.


love the work on the dwarf face as well as the girl on the left side (with regards to the faces)

it’ll be nice to see how the final turns out


LoTeKK: you might be right, but its not the turn to tweak em atm, the campov is a bit from up above wich may shorten them and sum rox cover parts of his legs. i will continueu on the lower part when i finnish the haed parts.

JM: hahaha, yah, wanted to include the vampirish aspect, could have had gone as well for bloodmoons lycantropy aspects as well but yeah, she’s a nasty gurl :stuck_out_tongue: lol, i want her to look slightly creepy u wouldn’t buy it she’s evil if she’d look like bambyfawn, would you?

cypherx:thanks a lot. started on the paladinroughout, he’s the most boring part of the piece, since i dont like to paint cute men too much. lol. glad u like them other 2 characters.

here’s a closeup on 33% of what i paint at, one step further on the human fighters face :slight_smile: what do you think?


Thats one grumpy looking dwarf. Looking good so far. Try maybe breaking up the monotone of the sky somehow


Cool, looks ok to me… Is it going to stay pastellish like this?


I guess Rugnar is feeling upset that I revealed his secret to the world (of CGTalk)?

Maybe he’s too ashamed to return to his dwarf community now, having been exposed as an actual beach frequenter rather than a subterranean holidaymaker?


whoa sacha, that is HUGE… :open_mouth: awesome, I like the nose change in the guy. And I am loving the way the dwarf looks (in the small full body version). While I love the soft palette, I think you can push the saturation a lil bit more.


smart birdy: lol yeah, he’s quiet like "urf why they always pick the small ones to…"kinda dwarf, and lol, of couse thats fun to paint :stuck_out_tongue:

JM basically, yes very light values, as the client wished that, i’ll see how much more power i can give it. I actually still am working on the values.

Theresa: muahahaha :slight_smile: lol, thats rugnars older bro grumpy wich finds his younger bro’s pinupcarreer quiet unbearable sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Oz: thanx bro. well i 100% agree on pushing saturation, but at the moment my forst concerns are to get em values done.

no further progress posting til i get internet in my new flat, thanks all for your helpfull sugestions. I’ll be back on this as sooon as things start to worek again.



Glad to hear you got a place! :wip: Good luck on the resettling. :slight_smile: