The Cover


I know its probably too early to start a discussion about this…but at least start a nice discussion about it

but whats the game plan for the cover ??? with all you nut ball modelers?

I guess we could do all the models on the cover?


maybe some sort of image collage would be cool. Or maybe this can be left towards the very end and the best model out of the group could be picked that best represents the essence of creatures. Sort of like an internal competion, with a round table for judging. Might be fun.



The covers are pretty central to the saleability of the books, and we tend to choose them inhouse based on a number of factors. You’ve probably noticed with the Ballistic books that we stick to one image per cover—a big central image provides more shelf impact. Something else that’s crucial to book sales is not having a dark or brown cover. :slight_smile:

My gut feeling is that we’ll want to go with one “hero” image for the cover, which will probably involve one of the textured models with some sort of background.

We’re going to have a bit of time to think about the cover, and we’re in a unique position with this book in that we can choose the character and if required tweak the pose for the best result.



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