The Core, Mathieu Didier (3D)


Title: The Core
Name: Mathieu Didier
Country: Singapore

Long time i haven’t posted anything in cgtalk…this is my latest personal matte-painting , i took a picture of the jinmao building in shanghai then i build a new city around it… i used max with mental ray for modelling and render, then i put all the textures in photoshop using a lot of photographies blended with the ambiant occlusion pass .


Very Nice. Have that Star War feel. :wink:

This explain why you are in LucusArt? :stuck_out_tongue:


ohh. Pretty. The gangways from tower to tower are a nice touch. :smiley:


Rapsheba555,PKD: thanks a lot i really want not to be too close from starwars style but one thing is very sure i 've learn a lot working with Lucasfilm


Well done, nice details and render.


very nice rendering :slight_smile:

some more vehicles flying around would have been nice also.


Then, It will look more “star war”, wouldn’t it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats a good idea though.


Nice pov through the futuristic tower rising above an early morning smog-laden city.


Excellent work, i like


Great work man, i only miss some more contrast in the overall image.
Nevertheless > awsome work man!

GrtZ, Tim


Timmer: you are 100% right i did a quick test in photoshop and looks more vibrant with more contrast…i feel like posting the image again!
schmeerlap, pitchi thanks for the comments!


effactive place!i like it :slight_smile:


Very good detailing. I liked it a lot :thumbsup:


Gorgeus shot!Great atmosphere:thumbsup:


i have updated a more contrasted version i really think it works better…


Very nice scene! :slight_smile:

I love contrast, but to be honest, I think the original version looks better - maybe 30% more like the new one, but not all the way.

Adam :slight_smile:


I absolutely love it Didier, the concept of the city is great, the sky and fading of the buildings in the background is perfect!


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