The COMiC STRiP: The KiNG of SPaCe!!


For anyone still interested, I thought it’d be worth updating the first post every time i update the thread…[b]


It’s been a while, but i’ve managed to find some time here and there to work on the King of Space. Here’s the latest work, and you can read explanations and see the images again later in the thread!

The latest character designs:

Just messing about with a floating throne based on an old paiting of Napoleon:

And the updated strip:


Ever get a feeling of Deja Vu…?

For those that may have noticed, this is a third dawn for the ‘King of Space’!? But this time around, i’m gonna make a big effort to regularly add strips and images!!

The COMiC STRiP is being relaunched in the next few days and the format’s changed a little and CGtalk’s changed a bit too, so i’m setting off with a new thread for the ALL NeW KiNG of SPaCE!! Well… erm… not that new actually… but the new bits will be new. The story and premise of the strip remains the same.

Basically… It’s the future. (Or is it a long long time ago? hmmm?). There’s this kid. He’s called Rex. And he wants to be KiNG of SPaCe. But everyone laughs at him. How can a little kid become KiNG of SPaCe? But they don’t understand his determination. And before they know it, He’s KiNG of SPaCe!!

There’ll be strips of the early years… strips of the months of conquest and conflict… and strips of the Rule of Rex, KiNG of SPaCe!! There’ll be love, robots, tantrums and torment… And spaceships… And lasers… And big explosions… And other stuff too…

SO here’s a bunch of work so far, starting with the most recent sketch of Rex in a makeshift crown and gown before he conquers the universe.

Here’s a few of the concept sketches from the re-design of Rex following the Grand Space Opera, when i hadn’t yet decided to call him Rex:

And here’s the ‘Prologue’ i sketched during the Grand Space Opera challenge. Unfortunately i had to withdraw from the challenge because of (noisy, smelly, nappy devouring… but cute) personal commitments, the rigmarole associated with applying for and changing jobs and a very kaput scanner… but i liked the idea, so i’m gonna run with it…

And finally… just to show the progression from last october… the first proper sketch of the KiNG of SPaCe, also from my Grand Space Opera thread:

And that’s it for now… I hope it didn’t take an age to download…? I think the plan is to continually update this first post of the thread with each new strip. And we’ll all be linked from the main COMiC STRiP thread. I’m hoping to get at least one comic strip drawn up in the next few days… then a poster… then a couple of ‘mood’ images… and a character sheet.

More to come… :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking great, duddlebug! I really like your style and the character seems like he’ll be a lot of fun. :smiley:

There’s one thing I would change about him, though, and that’s his eyes. They seem slightly too small for a kid, at least a kid in a comic strip. Try making them ever so slightly larger and they’ll probably read better and look slightly more “kid like”. Do a few sketches of him like that and see if you like it. :wink:

Also, this is a bit far removed from the last bit, but try adding a panel of the King of Space sitting at his desk looking smug or something and then add a big panel like at the beginning that shows everybody laughing at him. I’ve found that stuff like that where you have a “dramatic pause” slows the pace a little before the big finish. It really helps to break things up and makes the punchline funnier, just don’t do it too often or you’ll lose the feel of doing really quick dialog. (you can, of course, ignore this since you’ve actually had that strip up for quite a while)


looks awesome, i can’t wait to see more.


Cheers Swizzle! I’m gonna try my hardest to find time for the KiNG of SPaCe this time around.

I’ve done so many sketches of Rex, and tried various size relationships between eyes and head, and the latest version is by far the closest to what i have in mind. He’s still in the concept stage though, so i may well try bigger eyes on a drawing. I think he’ll gradually take his final form if i knock out some strips!

And i completely agree on the ‘dramatic pause’. I’ve been meaning to redo that strip. It was done during one lunch hour at the office and is pretty rough around the edges. I planned a longer speech but it was quarter to one… :wink:

I might actually rework that strip with the new Rex and a longer speech and a ‘dramatic pause’ at the end.

Thanks for the suggestions…

Skurai: Thanks! Me neither!!


im not sure if i agree with swizzle about the eyes. though i really like the king in his current state he would look more childlike with bigger eyes.
but its your decision, because he for sure got his own style with these mean small eyes.

but like all cartoon character he will go through his development!

you definitely have to keep going! im looking forward to seeing more strips!


Yeah i really like the eyes in your last posted pic, they are cool they make him look more funny and evilish…but cute at the same time? i don’t know i think they suit him i like his current state.
I love the style and look forward to seeing the rest!


Hey man, I’ve always love your style…

You capture a certain look much like Bill Waterson:: Calvin and Hobbes. In the last picture, is he all grown up, or is he still a kid. I say this because his hands are bigger than the sketches before as a kid, and it looks like he’s grown up…?

Can’t wait for the character sheet! 4*'s!

Do you have a job with a company, or freelance? Where did you go to school?

Cheers :beer:


mechaniac: I’ve had a play with bigger eyes, and can’t get the look i want, so i’ll stick with the current design and see how Rex evolves over the first few strips. Glad you like those ‘mean little eyes’! :slight_smile:

kagebunshin: Thanks for the support! I’m hoping to get some stuff done next week. I’ve been kinda busy this week finishing off my Master and Servant entry (a couple of months late, i know, but i thought it was worth working on) which i’m gonna finish tomorrow and post in the ‘Finished Art’ forum on monday or tuesday. Then i can get on with a few ‘KiNG of SPaCe’ strips next week!! Promise! (I’ve gotta get going on this before the next challenge kicks off)

neiy0: He’s still a kid. But i do want a kinda world weary look. And i want the Napoleon influence too. I think the elements that are making him look old are probably the small eyes and the eyebrows and the high forehead and the hairstyle. It’s the combination of all those elemnts i think. I may try ‘kiddifying’ a couple of them and seeing how he looks. Like i said earlier, i think he’ll develop as i draw him in the strips, and hopefully he’ll be just right in a month or two.

I’ll get some strips done next week, even if they’re just pencils… feels like an age since i got any story stuff doen and, after all, it’s the story that’s important!

Thanks for looking in…


Any word on upcoming updates?



Yo Duddlebug, I like the comic! Nice first installment :thumbsup: The characters are also cool! Keep it going man :buttrock:


nice very cute :bounce:


its cute and cool at the same time~keep it up johny~:)


Any word on updates?
Should I take it down for now?


Hi Roberto… sorry for the wait for a reply… i’ll send you a pm with a link to a new banner in the next 24 hours. I’ve been away on holiday and busy with stuff and things! And for some reason i wasn’t subscribed to my own thread! I think i must’ve accidentally unsubscribed during a clean out!

I’m gonna try and get on with the King of Space strips. Honest. Promise. And the website. I always seem to let it slip to the bottom of my priorities with work, babies, extra-work, babies, DIY, babies and everything else!! Hopefully the new CGtalk challenge won’t interrupt too heavily… :slight_smile:

GOT!, phoenix_ACE, sh@ke: ThANKs!! More to come soon… Promise!! :wip:


I have been quite busy myself…

So I understand.

By the way congrats on your bundle of good news.




Wonderful characters, fun to see it again (it was in the spaceopera right?)


Thanks Roberto! And as i said, i always seem to let the ‘King of Space’ slip to the bottom of my priorities. But that’s because it can. Everything else has some kind of external deadline i have no control over (whwther it’s the day job, freelance or baby related!). I think i need to set myself some ‘King of Space’ deadlines and stick to them.

Alice: Yup… this comic is a development from my (unfinished) space opera entry. I’m hoping to get some stuff posted soon… even if it’s just a poster or some rough pencil strips.


Oh yes, he will be King of Space. . . but not yet! :smiley:

How about posting a photo of your own little 'un with a paper crown on her head? Just to, erm, tide us over. . .


Um… yup… not quite yet… I’ve become a little distracted with the Spectacular challenge. I’ll try and knock up some pencils in the next weeks or so. I’ve said it before, but i mean it this time. :slight_smile:

And here’s Daisy Duddle with her special pink floppy hat crown.

And it’s her first time in the sea… just to tide you over.

haha… geddit? huh? huh?


i’m sad there’s no others strip, but i’ mfan of the characters and the concept, keep the faith