Howdy! I tried launching a comic of the same name a few months ago that never got beyond the first page. I’m trying it again, though with a few changes.

  1. I’ll write the script first before starting the art. :rolleyes:
  2. It will be a 4-panel strip rather than a full comic page. Should be easier and quicker to post new strips. That’s what I’m hoping anyway.
  3. My black bear character (Guy) will be a polar bear. Here are some character sketches of him:

As before, I expect the style will evolve over time.

Also keep an eye out for “King of Beasts”, a comic I’m working on with augustus.


just a reminder…the bear should have the same porportions from all angles! intreseted to see how this turns out, keep us posted!


I’m interested to see how this goes! Any chance of a little synopsis of the script?:thumbsup:


Ooh, how about adding flying cats in space ships? :slight_smile: My friend loves your avatar so much, she has threatened to usurp it just for her own enjoyment ~ I have to agree, the flying cat is just adorable! :slight_smile:



Oo, replies! I had some internet trouble last night and didn’t see that the thread posted properly.

captain chapo – Good point! I’ll have to be more careful about that. I’ll use the proportions of the bear on the left. Pear shaped bears are funny. :smiley:

paperclip – In a nutshell, the Bear’s name is Guy (rhymes with “tree”) and he’s from Montreal.
He lives in Boston with an uptight rabbit named Jack.
Jack’s brother Skippy just got kicked out by his parents and just showed up on Jack’s doorstep. Can these three grown men live together without driving each other crazy?

rebeccak – Thanks! The cat was a minor character in my Grand Space Opera entry. I was thinking of writing a cat neighbor into the strip. He’s a pet owned by the Wicca practicing landlady, but she doesn’t know that he smokes. Maybe I’ll give him a flying saucer, but maybe he’ll build one himself while his mistress is off for a day trip to Salem. :wink:

Thanks for lookin’!


Corrected. :thumbsup: I like his legs better now.
Thought I’d give him a fleur-de-lis (leys) tattoo – he’s from Quebec.
Next I’ll start on the rabbit brothers.


After the wonderfully bizarre first strip last time (the one with the love heart boxer shorts!) i’m gonna be really interested in seeing how this goes!

My only crit with your characater design is where the bear is carrying his weight. He might look more ‘bear-y’ carrying his weight lower down… i know Baloo from the Jungle book isn’t necessarily the look you’re going for, but he’s a good example:

Just a thought… hope you don’t mind…


I came up with this ideer for a title banner. I started by doing head shots but didn’t like them so much. I realized that for skippy, one of the rabbits, he’s always wearing his Hawaiian shirt. I figured that since people try to wear their personalities on their tshirts it could make for a good representation.

duddlebug - Thanks for the suggestion. Guy the polar bear is in his '20’s. I’m not sure but I think his youth helps him to carry his weight a bit heigher. :shrug: Anyway, I expect his look will change through repeated drawings. Thanks for the suggestion.


After several false starts I’m finally happy with this strip. Hopefully it will be easier the second and third time around. Enjoy! (hopefully) Crits and comments are always welcome. :slight_smile:


hahaha, great!

good job ilikesoup! I specially like the 2nd frame, and the bags/wrinkles under his eyes…:thumbsup: hehehe

keep us updated, it looks very good!

by the way, am I wrong if I think I’ve seen the tshirt in middle of your banner somewhere else?:smiley:


Any word on updates?



Everyone, I’d like you to meet Skippy. Skippy, this is everyone.
I’ll write more tomorrow. Now it’s time for bed. :scream: <–yawn!


Well, it kind of bothered me that there was no background in this comic so there was no indication that they’re in the hallway of an apartment building. Hopefully this makes it all better, but I’d love to hear peoples’ opinions.

elmasfeo – Thanks for the comment. Sorry the reply is so late. :sad:
As for the tshirt in the middle, it’s the Boston Bruins logo. I intend to drop references to NHL hockey. Some of it will be obscure – if readers are in the dark the other characters will probably be, too. With other references I hope I can sell some people on the great sport of hockey.

. . . or did you mean the Hawaiian shirt?


Hey this lookks great man, line art is really good looking and funny! :thumbsup:

Can’t wait to se these entries rolling on. :slight_smile:


Its looking good… and funny! :thumbsup:


JM and Got!, thanks for the comments. I got an outside critique that said the word balloons in Strip #2 are too big and distracting so I’ve been tweaking them and referring to DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering Comics for advice. Really I should focus more on Strip #3 but tweaking #2 is half procrastination and half learning experience. I should have a new strip posted by Sunday.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


As for the tshirt in the middle, it’s the Boston Bruins logo. I intend to drop references to NHL hockey. Some of it will be obscure – if readers are in the dark the other characters will probably be, too. With other references I hope I can sell some people on the great sport of hockey.
. . . or did you mean the Hawaiian shirt?

There was no way I knew how the Boston Bruins logo looked like, but I think it was in an older avatar of yours and I’m sure it is (cause I’ve checked it) in the community group portrait that was done some time ago… but you’re indeed doing very good at your work of teaching people about the great sport of hockey :smiley:

About the strip, I don’t think that balloons are too big, in fact I like how skippy’s words overlap the others, if there’s one thing I would crit is that, at the end, the joke is almost the same than in the first strip… (not very important)


Here’s the latest installment. I’m not too sure about the bear in panel 3 because he doesn’t have the same cartoony look as the others. I confess that I’m not good at making the same character look the same way so I’ve been copying, pasting, rotating and generally tweaking some of my other head shots. Anyway, I hope the comic reads well. Enjoy!


Panel 4 was really bothering me, especially the bear’s face. He looked more like an oversized stuffed bear than a startled bear being attacked by a crazed rabbit. I also liked reusing the AAAAA!! once more. Maybe something’s wrong with me but I find repetition, expecially in crisis situations, to be funny. :smiley:

BTW, for those of you who don’t speak Pepe le Pew French, “sacre merde” means “holy sh–”. To all Francophones, I apologize for murdering your beautiful language. This won’t be the last time.


Okay, so I also posted my comic at Got some helpful critiques and I rethought the whole “punchline” thing. Hopefully this is better. A fresh new start:

I wanted to finish each of the last panels with a punch and give a few more clues as to what’s going on – why the rabbit’s there and why he’s so pissed off. Strip #3 is brought to you by the letters A, C, D. . . and C again. Long live Bon Scott. :twisted:
Crits ‘n’ comments are encouraged.