THE COMIC STRIP! :K.G. Zyon Eix 2005: The Chimeric Testament (GN)


At this moment in time, I am writing out the story. Hoping to post some WIPs in the very near future.

This will be a Graphic Novel, consisting of 6 comics/chapters of 24 pages each, plus one chapter illustration for each and one main cover for the entirety. I will somehow throw in the future topic titles into the plot of each chapter. Therefore, a six month challenge. And even when I don’t get any recognition for it, I’ll be happy just getting this done. But… I wish for some comments that will push me to finish it.

Chapter One (book one, comic one, whatever you choose to call it) will consist of the intro to the main character, Kyle Caverna, and his mysterious ordeal of finding himself in a world that seems barren of life. Is it a result of Armegeddon? Is he in Purgatory? A dream? Who is “Mari” and why had she wronged him? The ending of this chapter will make way for the next installment in which he continues to find out EXACTLY where he is and how he got there. But, don’t be deceived… just when you think that this is a very predictable situation and you believe you have the answer with what information that has been given to you, a twist towards the truth will make you change your perception of life as you know it.

music of choice for conjuring storyline: NIN-The Fragile~Right Disk


well that sounds really interesting


Sounds pretty neat. What kind of person is mister Caverna going to be? Do you have any sketches or anything?


I finished the dialogue for Chapter One (or, in a sense, COMIC STRIP! Topic “Sins of the Past”).

What kind of person is mister Caverna going to be?

It’s hard to place a title such as protaganist and antaganist for Kyle. He is in conflict with himself, trying to figure out how he got to this strange wasteland and fighting to remember what was in a specific book that he apparently found. The story begins mainly with the setting/scenery, asking himself many questions/theories on how he got there. But, on the way, he tends to remember the worst parts of his life.

Here, as he is remembering, I introduce two other figures: Mari (his girlfriend), and Kyle the Flesh (no name is given, but you will see a resemblance between the two, only in the face… the rest of him is flesh).

The ending will be predictable to many, but there is more of his life that everyone, including himself, needs to remember…

Expect WIPs anytime, but an onslaught will begin Friday (and every weekend since I have more time during those days and do not sleep on the weekends).


As I sit here at work, I am still contemplating on the style of the GN.

The cover will be in color and have a “realistic”-type of feel. The inside will be all b/w. The beginning and ending pages will be more detailed than the rest (full pages). But, what type of sketch style? Should I make this “realistic”, in a sense that it’s Berni Wrightson or Tim Vigil… standard comic-book style (minus color), in a sense of Marvel… or paint-like outline strokes, in a sense of James O’Barr’s Crow?

I really don’t care for the standard; realism (Wrightson/Vigil) may take to long, but is the sense I wish for; O’Barr is nice, but I’m not sure if I can carry out some things in that matter of style, because I tend to take simplicity to far and make it difficult.

Any suggestions?


As far as style is concerned, tough for an outsider to give advice at this early stage with only your rough outline to go by. Why not do a few quick sketches in possible styles and post 'em up? It should be something you’re comfortable drawing since you’ll also have lettering, perspective, and a host of other issues to worry about. Lastly, it’s not uncommon for an artist to start with one style and see it evolve into something different over a period of time.



I was thinking of meshing a variety of styles in it, but, wasn’t sure how the viewer/reader would take it. I mean, the story, itself, will be psychologically driven… and why confuse them more with different stroke-styles?

I guess I’ll do each panel with quickies… and just “feel” it.

But, I was just thinking, by the story outline I had given, I thought that perhaps someone may have some “feel”, themselves, of what “atmosphere” could possibly be used, or that they wish to see, sketch-wise.

But, as you may have hinted to, once I start this, I may feel what I had intended all along.

I have some stuff loading on my comp at home. Once that’s done, I’ll throw some sketches out. I’m hoping by tonight. Nothing fancy, just doodles of the first page (Chapter illustration). I’m shooting for a wasteland, post-apocalyptic scene. Gonna find me some WW2 photos to reference.


This is Page 01/24.

All question marks for the pages are replacement for dialogue.
I don't yet want to give the tale away until the finished piece.
All pieces were done at high res, but scaled and saved at low quality.
So, you may experience pixelization, depending on your
monitor settings (mine's 1280x1024). As the story progresses,
I'll be posting better quality images, but will keep it under or between

Rough sketch, but imagine a total ruin and rubble throughout (I place little notes in my sketches as if I am storyboarding a script).


Page 02/24.

Here, more ruins as the main character, Kyle, is wandering the streets, thinking to himself.

Where I have “quake” written within two circles and “warp grad” within an arrow is where I will place “special effects”.

The being peeking around the corner of the window will be heavily shadowed.


This took some time to do.
I took the sketch, printed it, then marker-penned solid detail.
This was then scanned, along with adjustments in brightness/contrast and blend mode. Also, thought I would give this a “crooked photo” look to set the bizarreness of what is about to occur.
Using a large variety of custom brushes, I made a layer with different f*cked-up strokes, selected all the black of those strokes, and chose the “scanned” layer in which I wanted to delete the areas chosen, given it a more “itchy sketch” look. The rubble was the largest focus, and is what took the longest amount of time. I used alot of reference photos from tornado disasters and war devastation as I was “stroking” on this layer. I kept going back and forth amongst layers to try to make it look somewhat like wood and debris.
Another layer was created for the “shading”, which was a custom brush and faded dissolve.
Sky was then added.
The character was just a simple shades-of-grey shading, another layer.

Still in the rough stage. I’m not gonna sped as much time with the others making it so detailed. But the first and last page will be detailed.

I am thinking that this will be a 22 page comic (132 GN). I need to ask if the cover/back are counted. If so, what should the total running “inside” pages be.

[left]Yes, I know… the character blends in.[/left]
[left]Remember… this isn’t finished yet. [/left]


Moving along nicely. I’m really looking forward to seeing this unwrap as you obviously in your head.

Are you going to colour this panel then seeing as it will be the first?

Anyway, keep it up and I’ll reply when you’re a bit further along. :thumbsup:


I’m wanting all in b/w.

Cover will be the only thing in colour. I’ll do that off to the side whenever I find it possible to work on.

I may incorporate some colour hues during some scenes, just to add to the separation of the storyline. This first installment will have many just squint their eyes, going “huh?”, but in a way, that’s what I want, as you will see near the end of Chapter One.

I’ve never really done anything comic-wise on this level. I had done a porno-comedy-parody back in school that’s reached “underground” levels, but nothing on the level of being serious and thought provoking. The way I’m drawing may not possibly be the correct way of doing a comic, and won’t be that great as I move along due to time and inexperience, but I’m loving this challenge.


I believe page one is finished. You can view it ->here<-.

And thanks in advance for any comments left there or here.


Looks creat the only thing i have a problem iwt is the text, i read it really fast and i thought the last word “fail” looked like “pail”



I see what you mean. I did a quick scan, also, and noticed how the two horizontals bend inwards.

At this point in time, I’m not going to worry so much on that. I think I’ll stick with the Comic Sans Ms font. The other fonts tend to be too “sharp” and newspaper-esque. I tested all the fonts, and this one seemed to fit best.

Thanks for your input and bringing that to my attention.


I forgot to post something here that I had in the comic FAQs/Q&A thread.

I’m out of this challenge.

I have other things to do. This will become a side project.


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