THE COMIC STRIP! :Gregg Lamb: "Door2Door: Sins of the Past"


Yay this should be really fun. Now that i have been laid off from work i can start working on this all day long:) This here is the cover of mt comic, I am goin to go for the 24 page comic book. I dont wants to give to much away before i release a new page, but i will give a little info about the character and the story. Its about a door to door salesman whos is going through midlife and hes has a briefcase full of drugs to make his little sales pitch a little more interesting:) I have a question tho, how is this forum about swearing? I have no problem about bleamin’ it but hey if its allowed shit i am there:), and please Comments and critiques are welcome.



Nice work! The only thing I’d say was that the ‘Sins of the Past’ text looks a bit wrong for what its meaning is…

Nice style tho… Will the whole comic book be like it?


I have a question tho, how is this forum about swearing?
I, myself, am playing a safe card as I have on most of my standard postings, and adding an asterick in place of vowels. ie: “fck", "sht”, “sprclfrglstcxp**ld*c**s”.

Perhaps even &%!$ (the best bet… that could mean anything).

No comments at this time, based on just the cover. Looks like this will come along nicely, though. And sorry about the job-thingee. I feel your oppression. It’s just a matter of time for me before I have permanent time in front of my comp here at home.


You should post that cover on the finished thread.
THE COMIC STRIP! 001:March 2005: “Sins of the Past” (POST HERE YOUR FINISHED PIECES)

And I took the liberty of fixing your title thread, since we have changed the format.



Thanks guys, I am going to do the whole comic in this style i hope its not to much for me, cause i just really got into this digital art stuff a few months ago. and RobertoOrtiz do I place a link from this WIP page in the final project page or do you just want me to post the cover right on there, cause i still am hoping to get 24 pages done or enough to tell this story.



On the subject of foul language …

I hope that the forum is mature enough to handle some harsh language in your comic. I plan on using it in certain situations where I feel it’s relative to my characters or story. However, nothing will offend your audience quicker than writing offensive dialog just for the shock effect. I’ve seen offensive language used effectively and I’ve seen it as overkill.

Use your best judgement as to what is too much or what doesn’t contribute to the story and I’m sure you’ll be fine.


OK soo i thought i would put up what i have done soo far i have been working mostly on the story and the text but that gets boring sometimes soo heres my ruff so far of the first page:) comments and critiques are always welcome too.



ok I just wanted to keep you people updated, if any of you care:( i finished the middle panel but i really dont like the head i need to think about that. I have one more panel to do and that goes ont he top, I had it all mapped out soo i didnt really care in which order to create here. here it is>>


You know what i think i figure it out he looks way to damn happy.


OK i finished the first page or the art i just need to add the text i just wanted to get some Critiques and comments on it first i have really started getting the hang of this, i might redo my cover now that i got the style down:)



i like the style, very cool! and i agree you should remake the cover


yea but i dont know what i would do should i keep the same idea just make it more updated?


here is page two with no text. I have been really busy that past couple of week soo its taking me way to long to finish these pages:( saddly i dont think i am goin to finish this comic, being the time its taking to finish each page. oh well i’ll show it anyway, if u got any C&C please send them my way:)


that’s fantastic


i like it, but i think there needs to be a little more variance in the black and white. maybe instead of just masses of black, vary some line weights and incorporate a little more white. i think it would make the whole thing pop and little more and make the guy blend into the background a little more

or actually, i noticed that it looks like your starting with a black canvas then drawing in with white. i think that if you did it this way, you are going to have to incorporate a lot more white into the drawing. through experiance ive noticed that its easier to start with white and work in black. but thats just what i think though


I disagree with the “too much black and white” . I think he has a style, and it has to be conserved. Many comics are drawn that way (tales of the crypt anyone?). What I did notice, however, is that you take too much time to explain a scene. Be more dinamic. You can represent the guy going to the big door with only one scene (it tends to get boring if you repeat the scenes too much). And yes remake the cover… think about “what is this comic about? What it will represent or tell the reader?” You´ll get results faster and better ^^

btw… nice drawing! It has been some time I dun see someone working with the blackish style ^^


I, too, would recommend re-doing the cover with the same technique as the pages, as the difference in style is rather extreme. The cover was obviously hand-drawn while the pages appear to be overtraces of photographs. (Which I think is a style that works very well for the direction this comic appears to be taking.) Working on top of the reference images gives the pages a weight that they wouldn’t otherwise have had. Are you shooting all of your own photos for this as well?

My only real critique for page 2 is that the top panel is too clean. Some of the edges (particularly on the car and the salesman’s collar) still have that “Adobe Illustrator pen tool” look to them, which clashes with the more hand-drawn look of the rest. I would recommend going back over those lines with your tablet (or mouse) to break up the regularity. There is a certain appeal to the not-quite-perfectly-steady quality of the human hand, and I think such a gritty-themed story fits with that.

It would be interesting to see your reference shots, as it is always fun to present a “this is how I work” sort of thing.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing more!


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