THE CLONE WARS Reviews are in general, "Grievous"


[I]“Feels like little more than a big-budget Saturday morning cartoon. An okay movie, but not nearly special enough to be a legitimate member of the “Star Wars” family of films.”

"If this were a true Star Wars film, right about now somebody would say, ‘… I’ve got a bad feeling about this.’ "

“This ugly, lumbering mess feels strangely like a tired Star Wars wanna-be, but made by people with the rights to the characters.”

“The new feature-length “Star Wars” cartoon is so cute that I want to hug it. Tightly. Until it stops breathing.”

“The only enjoyment I got from the film was laughing at how miserable it was and then zoning out during the boring fight scenes… which make up, no joke, about 90% of the total running time.”

“It is so bad that it could well rival the infamous “Star Wars Holiday Special” as the single most useless piece of “Star Wars”-related entertainment ever made…”

“The degeneration of the “Star Wars” saga continues unabated with this latest, most kid-friendly Lucas-produced assault on the memory of the once-beloved franchise.”

“If this movie career thing doesn’t work out for George Lucas, there’s a career waiting for him in the dairy industry. He can milk things like no other.”

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars was fun. I miss that time.”

"Very young kids, Star Wars completists and Lucas apologists may find themselves compelled to attend; anyone else would have a better time going to the Toshi Station to pick up power converters "


The thread title is classic! So are some of the reviews. I especially like the one about milking.


The movie may not be but those quotes were entertaining.


I guess Mr. Ortiz will be looking over his shoulder from now on, eh? LOL

Oh, if only the film was half as creative as the reviews.


I’m extremly suprised by this. The ultra-high quality of the CG had me convinced this would be a sure fire hit.(end of sarcasm):banghead:


called it before alongside others…calling it again…great saturday morning cartoon…and that it is (except maybe lip sync wise)…a movie release…its quite close to the worst 3D animation “feature” ive seen…shoulda been kept off the big screen.

that said i will buy the blu ray when it gets released…assuming they dont milk us on the price of that as well.


Holy smokes! I wonder if they can maintain this quality for 100 episodes? I have to go and check this out for my self, the “Trainwreck Effect” is killing me.

In all seriousness, I think there is real potential once they get past the first episodes and George gets bored and leaves the TV show to someone else. At least that is the hope, maybe a “New Hope” I’m sorry I had too.


That’s probably because it is a big-budget Saturday morning cartoon. This isn’t a real film folks, it’s a television series which is playing its first few episodes in movie theaters. (followed in 2 weeks with its premiere on Cartoon Network) TV-animation is never as good as feature film animation, it’s pretty unfair to compare the two.


and thats how the cookie crumbles…shoulda NEVER been in theaters…it woulda avoided this whole “bad reputation” thing its got going and instead woulda had a positive effect on possibly future star wars TV series stuff.


Totally WEAK! This never should have had a theatrical release.
Wait for the DVD or perhaps for it to show up on cable.
I would recommend staying away unless you are under 10.


This is what I said in another thread.

Just got back from an advanced screening of the movie. Overall, I thought it was fairly enjoyable. My kids loved it. My biggest gripe was the animation felt very stiff. Everyone moved like a robot, and no lipsync to speak of.


and the target audience was?..
2.30+ year old film reviewers


Quoted for agreement!!! A real good one.
The movie is getting beyond terrible reviews here in germany. From the looks and the premise of it… probably quite right so. After Episode I-III, after what happened to Indiana Jones, etc I guess there was not much to expect from Lucas.



Hahaha, my favorite quote from rotten tomatoes…

" It’s the finest 97-minute advertisement for Yoda underpants released this week."


Hold onto your whips, folks. They’re considering doing yet another Indiana Jones sequel. That is, if Lucas can come up with another MacGuffin.
Meanwhile, I’ve got some possible titles in case of a forthcoming sequel:




Well, what do you expect? I’m running out of ideas, too.


**I like that one :beer:


Indiana Jones and the Destroyer of Childhood Memories! :argh:



I mean,



Hmm I’m yet to see this film yet. Still planning on seeing this film for myself! when i do will tell yous all what i thought of the movie.


Awful. One word pretty much sums it up. I was so disappointed with this movie. While I really did enjoy the character design and the painted look of the textures, everything else was painful to watch. Awful story, hardly felt epic. The biggest disappointment was the animation. Terribly stiff, never once feeling stylized, but rather it felt as if the riggers got lazy, greatly handicapping the potential movement. The facial animation is some of the worst I’ve seen, even films as far back as Toy Story had much more expression. Perhaps it was just the style of the movie that made the lightsaber duels seem unimpressive or maybe its just hard to top the duel of fates or yoda scene from the prequels. The thing that made this move really stink though was the dialog, making the laughable “Nooooooooooooooo!”, in episode 3 seem like an academy award winning performance. I cringed every time the padawan opened her mouth. I’d say that easily 3/4 of the dialog was either cheesy or unnecessary, including the obnoxious over use of nicknames such as Skydive and Stinky. I’m all for giving Star Wars a stylized look, as the 2d clone wars series proved could be well done and generally likable, but another thing that worked against this movie was the characters were stylized, and the animated nature of the movie warped the characters personalities such that they said/did things that the live action versions would ever do. The director spoke to us before the screening, suggesting that Lucas really did have way too much involvement in the story. He gets an idea into his head and there is no arguing. So Anakin had a Padawan all of a sudden, because Lucas in short, thought it would be cool, which seems to completely contradict the way his character was set up in the prequels. I don’t plan on watching the series in October. Sounds like they are already working on the second season which I doubt will last long at this rate. One final thought: you can add all the cool new characters you want, make people jump around on the screen, and lay the comic relief on thick, but if you don’t have a good story and your movie looks like you’ve cut corners, the only thing you are going to remember is the cynical laughter and comments of the people who were sitting around you.

In short this would make a better coffee table book than a film.