The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 007


CAFÉ 007

Conjoined Twins

 [b]“Siamese, or conjoined, twins are extremely rare, occurring in as few as one in every 200,000 births

Historical records over the past 500 years detail about 600 surviving sets of conjoined twins with more than 70% of those surviving pairs resulting in female twins.” [/b]

BBC Health – Medical notes

 [b]There is something fascinating about our perception of “normal” – what it is to be “normal” and how close things are to making or failing the grade.  This fortnight’s brief is to design a character (doesn’t have to be human,) that is conjoined in some way.  It can be in any genre you choose.  Will your character/creature be shy or proud to be different?  You must decide



Manifesto: The anatomy forum CAFÉ - a place to meet, share your concepts, ideas and work for the set brief, and then discuss them with like minded individuals (Bring your own coffee though…)

The purpose of this ongoing workshop series is to develop original character artwork in both 2D and 3D. A theme or brief will be given at the inception point of the workshop, and the project will be executed by the participants during a 2 week period. To have your own idea from the set brief, develop it in 2 dimensions and then execute it in 3 dimensions is very challenging, (especially within the time period,) and helps the artist to understand form “in the round.”

If you are thinking of taking your ideas into 3 dimensions, please decide on a suitable polygon budget (for games/TV/film or as much as your computer can handle!) If you are unsure, please enquire on the workshop and others will try and help. The workshop is application independent, and so anyone can try it. For those of you who would like to try 3d but do not have a package, blender ( ) is a very high standard open source 3d application that is free to download and use. However, this will take time to learn.

Duration of projects: 2 Weeks.

Breakdown: (guidelines only – depends on the complexity of the idea and model.)

Concept development and realization - 1 week.*

Model development and texture art - 1 week.*

  • You can split up your time however you wish - to reflect the area that you want to work in the most, for example.

The above guidelines are intensive and will require a lot of work. Please look at the amount of time you have available for each project before trying to take on too much. Quality artwork and developing your creative problem solving skills are key here, along with learning how others handled the same brief in conceptual and technical terms.


These are guidelines only. You can do all the sections or just choose the areas you feel most comfortable with. If you wish to use another persons concept art for a model, then please seek permission to do so from the user. If you just want to create the concept art and don’t mind others using your art work for a fully realized character, please state so in your post. If you are having trouble with an area, please shout up and others will try to help out as best they can.

WIP is encouraged, and please help others by providing your thoughts on their solutions in a positive manner. Discouragement of others will not help anyone as we are all here to get better, and people bring different skills to the table.

  1. Concept art >>>

[li]Ideas[/li][li]Final presentation art (full body character pose, head and image plane orthographics.)[/li][/ul]2. Model >>> (high poly cinematic or lower poly real time games character)

[li]Base model (untextured)[/li][li]Final model (with textures)[/li][/ul]Learning outcomes:

[li]How to develop ideas and a final character from a written brief.[/li][li]Creative problem solving.[/li][li]How to demonstrate your ideas to others.[/li][li]Taking 2d artwork in to 3d artwork.[/li][li]Texture art.[/li][li]Visual communication skills.[/li][/ul]RULES FOR THE WORKSHOP:

  1. Work created here MUST be ORIGINAL TO THE CREATOR and for the purpose of serious study of character art and design. Those who post silly or off topic work will have their posts deleted immediately and will no longer be allowed to post on this thread. Rebecca Kimmel reserves the right to determine which pieces are considered to be in poor taste and / or disrespectful in the workshop.

  2. This Workshop will run in 2 WEEK slots.

  3. There is NO LIMIT to the NUMBER of posts an artist may make. However, we ask that you post only work which you feel best represents your ideas and important design points you feel others should know about during your character development, even if it is considered unfinished.

  4. Artists who post comments and critiques of other artists’ work on this thread must be RESPECTFUL, POLITE, and offer CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Flaming will be NOT be tolerated, and constitutes dismissal from this and other threads.

  5. Mike/default.rol and Rebecca Kimmel will be offering the occasional comments / critique ~ however, the main focus of the Workshop should be on Group Critique and interaction.

  6. ANY MEDIUM or STYLE may be used: Traditional or Digital Drawing or Painting, Sculpture, or 3D Model / Render for the initial stages. Development beyond the initial character idea (stage 2) should be done in a 3D application of your choice.

  7. Please limit the SIZE of your POSTS to 800 pixels WIDTH x Appropriate pixel LENGTH. No huge posts, please! (you are welcome to offer remote links to high resolution versions of your art work along side images that are of an appropriate size, if you so wish.)

  8. Have fun, enjoy, and create great art!


For those of you slightly confused by the terminology, a fortnight is 14 nights in duration. Here is a definition of it from Wikipedia.

A fortnight is a unit of time equal to two weeks: that is 14 days, or literally 14 nights. The term is common in the British Isles and many Commonwealth countries, but rarely used in the United States. It derives from the Old English feowertiene niht, meaning “fourteen nights”.




Nice!! Didn’t have much time to do the previous one. Still planning to do some quick drawings though. this one i totally cool! Looking forward to it!


I have applied my thoughts to what I think this should look like. I believe that conjoined twins boils down to whether a living form operates TWO brains, or at least one brain that functions as two entities due to circumstances.

So, for my piece I thought about illustrating that point across by creating a character with two brains and to aid the viewer in thinking this I have added four eyes too. The two brains share the pair of ears, thus hearing the same things. I am thinking the top half is the more grumpy brain as he cannot function correctly, it can push thoughts to places like the mouth to be able to speak with effort, but most cases he can only tell the other what to say. The bottom brain is the controller, he can control all function, but lacks intelligence due to the wieght of the top brain squashing the bottom brains cells thus creating slowing thought processing. That is where the top brain comes in, he tells the bottom brain what to do, thus giving him full control externally. Think of it as a remote control car, the top brain is you, the bottom brain is the car. With this much stress relief the top brain is immensly intelligent. Which gives the character wisdom and magic, which then becomes a fantasy character. Not too sure what these two play a part in or what they are like, but the more I draw them the more it will come to me.


Before I head off to work I thought I would touch it up with colour as I believe colour makes an image 1000000000x better, even if the colour is not accurate :smiley:

Note on this, it is just an idea sketch, the colours were done with no initial thought, I will be adding to this idea to try and fix it so that I can use it as my final.


Hello everyone and welcome to the seventh installment of the CAFE series.

I know that the special stage threw some people off, but now we are back in our regular format again. I will be posting up some work for this brief in the next day or so, and I hope that you all enjoy this brief.

Cheers all
MIKE :slight_smile:



Count me in…I just learned how to conjoin two mesh tools into one in Z BRUSH 3 yesterday, so this is the perfect theme to see what can be done with that technique…GREAT TIMING…:scream: :slight_smile:
Sorry that I missed the last one, …had to take time out to try and learn Z BRUSH 3…Been studying Meats Meirer’s DVD…Introduction to Z BRUSH 3, GREAT TEACHER, AND DVD…:slight_smile:
Looking forward to seeing where people go with this concept…:eek: :slight_smile:


JULY 25 2007

My first thought and attemp at a conjoined twin in Z BRUSH 3


JULY 25 2007

A different angle and material…I will try to creat a body for these heads using Z SPHERE’S next, joining the body to the heads using the same method that was used to join the heads…ending up with one 3d model in the end…I HOPE ANYWAY…:eek: :scream: :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

Great start here by some of the regulars. Cool.

I was going to do a concept drawing for this one, but then I had the idea of a character that is an old wise man who is a fortune teller. He travels from town to town as he has always been viewed as “special,” and people come to him for advice. He walks with a stoop as his conjoined twin is merged to his spine. The twin is really under developed in comparison to him - but, of course, is just as old.

I’m sure I’ll elaborate on this character as I develop him, but I didn’t think it was bad idea for a moment of inspiration while sitting in the bath this morning. LOL.

I think I’m going to model his bust first, then do the less developed head and go from there - it should be interesting to see how much I can get done of this in the tine frame we have. I’ll try and get updates on the board asap.

** N.B. This CAFE is not strictly going to be 2 weeks. It will last until Saturday August 11th, as I am having a long weekend away for a stag party in Amsterdam.

Cheers all - I’m really looking forward to this one!!
MIKE :slight_smile:


hi guys, back again, this is my first sketch for the workshop, my idea for the twins character is the ‘buff twins’ two very vain lads who just happen to be joined at the hip, they are always trying to out do each other which usually ends up in a fight!

all comments are welcome.

spirit dreamer: your zbrush work is awesome as usual!
fl3wk: nice first sketch - interested to see where you are going to take it


Hey, Sorry that i couldn’t join this one. didn’t have much time last week (working on some other projects).

Hopefully will be able to join the next one.



it’s quiet around here… anyway this is my second sketch for this workshop, been practising on more dynamic poses etc. I feel my drawing is improving on a weekly basis - its all about practice after all!
i might get round to do a final, see how it goes…
thanks for looking.



Nice one man. I was also wondering what the check is going on on the forum. it is very quiet. then again. it is the holiday season so… that might have something to do with it.


Hey all,

Firstly, I’m REALLY sorry for not being around and even participating in this workshop.

The reason for this is that I’ve just secured a job in Red Vision, Manchester, UK as a character modeller. Therefore this workshop may be the last one for a few weeks, while I relocate and get settled. Once I’m up and running after relocation, I’ll set the next one off and participate again. Stay tuned as I’ve got some cool ideas that will hopefully inspire you all! In the meantime, keep working on this workshop if you want to, or revisit previous ones to finish up anything you never got chance to complete, due to the 2 week timeframes.

Mike :thumbsup:


Hey Michael,

am really happy for you man. will miss these but i’m getting pretty busy so it’s kind of ok.
plus the holidays and stuff. it’s pretty quited everywhere at the moment.

good luck and hope to hear from you soon.


good luck at red vision mike! I hope cafe 008 isnt too far away! Iam just getting warmed up! :arteest:



Congrats mike! well done and good luck! im sure they are lucky to have you.

looking forward to seeing some serious work!


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