The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 006


hey guys great progress everyone. I see some great work here.
i’ve been sketching a bit from references to get into the Kung-Fu spirit :slight_smile: and get an idea what i’ll be doing.

SpaceTik - Good work man. keep working on it. it looks better and better every time.
SpiritDreamer - Good work!
Fl3wk - Keep working it. Your doing great
xioncajou - cool man! can’t wait to see it finished.

I still kind of don’t know what i’ll be working out. i’ll start on something tonight. see yah guys around.


Thanks michael-olszak. You really captured the Kung Fu spirit in your sketches.:thumbsup:
I´m curious what design you deside to work out…
The Bruce Lee like character and the girl in the bottom right corner are super cool
designs, would be great to see one of them colored.


June 18, 2007

Going for the action in this concept rather than the detail



thanks dan for rigging and posing my warrior mate! came out really well… I will learn rigging when it releases on modo! :slight_smile: hope you get to animate him…

hey mike, cheers! and great sketches mate! my fave is the bruce Lee pose about the middle of the page!

xioncajou - hows the displacement going? :slight_smile:

ok bed for me! keep it up fellas!


I just switched to a more powerful rig and recontinued with the piece, still grinding away. i am in the process of changing my style to a less intense blending. My piece now is a lot more dramatic in lighting and I am learning a hell of a lot with the skin and lighting.

Any pointers on how to render flesh believably would be fantastic!


June 19, 2007

Four more Karate stances and moves
Changing the figure stance as I go along and then combining with earlier stances.



Got some trimming done
Still gotta address that texture


he looks ready to be posed man! :slight_smile:


Hi guys! this is my first post on these workshops but i have been following them for a while now. I have just finished Riven Pheonix’s “structure of man” course, so i am eager to put into practise what i have learned so far. This is a sketch i drew after several rough sketches - I took a photo of myself to get the pose right. all crits and comms are most welcome.



Hey all,

I’m back … well, sort of. It doesn’t look like I’ll have time to produce anything for this by Saturday, so I’m just going to have to cheer you all on from the sidelines this time.

Great to see the “regulars” doing their usual (read great) stuff, and the new faces that are starting to show up have really added some great work this time round too - you are all really working well on this.

@ xioncajou >>> Nice cloth sim, though there seems to be not too much mass underneath it for some reason? Did you deform it over a torso aswell? The cloth and cut looks really cool though. Well done.

@ Fl3wk >>> I’d try and push the rhythm of the body more - the stance is cool, but he feels a little bit wooden at the moment. Keep going though, you’ve got a great start.

@ destruct007 >>> A Kung Fu Rabbit! Reminds me of my girlfriend’s forray into martial arts > She was asked in her Karate class to shout out the name of an animal she thought best symbolised her fighting style as she moved into a stance. What did she choose? Any ideas? give up? Well I didn’t get Meerkat either… LOL!! :scream:

@ SpiritDreamer >>> glad you seem to be getting into ZBrush 3. you are right, it really is an amazing program. Once it’s a bit more stable and the ZB2 plug-in’s are updated to ZB3, it’ll be amazing. :thumbsup:

@ SpaceTik >>> They look like little action hero’s you’d get in your morning breakfast cereal! I want one! LOL :thumbsup:

@ michael-olszak >>> Great dynamic poses you’ve got going here. Which one do you like? I love the guy facing us in the middle at the bottom. He looks well schooled in a hardcore martial arts style, and mean.

@ Murfdog >>> We want to see him in action! Very Cool.

@ harmonix >>> Hello and welcome! Eager to practice what you’ve learned about anatomy so far? then you’ve come to the right place. he looks like he’s doing an “inch punch” in that pose. Keep going on this one, but be sure to check out the next CAFE as I reckon it may be of some real use to you in your anatomy quest.

With that said…

I hope to see you guys there!

Cheers all
MIKE :slight_smile:


hey mike,

I am trying to understand that leaflet image, but I don’t get it… and what does écorché mean?


wow can’t wait. is this the new workshop for the next two weeks?

hey MU- check this
here are three more sketches before i started to do the final piece.

And here is the start of the final piece. it’s just a rought sketch. still have to figure out some stuff.


June 20, 2007

Couple of more actions
Blocking a jump kick
And an elbow blow



Hey Mu,

michael-olszak defined the term pretty well in the next post to your’s, but ÉCORCHÉ literally means, in French, “To flay,” e.g. to flay skin, in the context we will be using it in. Basically, we are going to be running a 2 week special where we all get to push our anatomy skills to the next level in an academic sense of the word, so we can all design more realistic (and stylised) characters in future rounds. We all struggle with our anatomy, and I’m no exeption, but by either working in 2D, 3D or both, you will have a shot at resolving any problems you may be having. I hope that explination helps some. :slight_smile:

@ michael-olszak >>> yup, that’s what we’re doing next. We start bright and early GMT… :smiley:

@ SpiritDreamer >>> You have really started to get the gestures in your sculpts there Glenn. :thumbsup:

MIKE :slight_smile:


Guess I’ll throw in my design as well. I decided to focus more on the concept and the design rather than the final illustration (wich is what I usually do).
The concept is about a kung fu master that lost his right arm during combat. Through mastery of the art and intense meditation he managed to take his strength to the next level. Focusing his chi, he can create an arm of flaming energy to replace his lost one and aid him in battle. He rarely does this though, because mastering the art of kung fu made him nearly invincible, some even say immortal. As he grew older he became bigger and stronger, relying on physical and mental strength rather than speed.

 I started with a bunch of thumbnails as usual. Then I picked out these ones

Then I picked out the one I liked the most and experimented with a direction for the face

After doing some doodles for the costume and final pose I came up with the final sketch

I went for a more stylized anatomy. Maybe I pushed the left arm a bit to far, but i still like it though. Tell me what you guys think.


Wow! thats cool concept Swend! love the story behind it as well!


SwendlyB - Dude! that’s so cool! your skills are amazing man. very nice job.


default-rol: thanks for the welcome! the next workshop does look intriguing!
SwendlyB: your final character looks really cool I especially like the face on the second sketch.
michael-olszak: i like the last sketch you did it reminds me of a ‘hellraiser’ character!

as for mine i worked a bit on it last night and i hope to get it into photoshop today to start work on the colouring.


Thanks everyone for the kind words. I’m glad you liked my character. It’s screaming for a painting right now, but I still have to illustrate some cards and a background for a boardgame we are making at school for this monday so I won’t have time to paint it:(.

I really like the anatomy of those characters.

Great expression on the face. Can’t wait to see the final result.

I see great potential in your character, only some minor anatomical issues. When drawing keep in mind that you’re drawing 3dimensional forms. Think of the front and the sides and how/where each form fit into each other.

Your final concept looks great! Your lines seem a bit unconfident though. Try drawing with
long confident lines instead of short sketchy ones. Just let it go and see what happens:)


June 21, 2007


Mike…THANKS…Had GREAT FUN in this exercise…REALLY looking forward to the next one…:thumbsup: :slight_smile:



Calling this one DONE.