The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 006


Patience! Little Grasshopper!!
There’s my version of a Kung-Fu Master. Still a WIP, but I hope to finish on the timeline.
I don’t think I can make it in 3D.
Critics and suggestions are welcome.


default-rol - thanks for replying…^ ^…ya…I dont have render farm…P…before this I just model models without take care bout the poly count…as long as my machine can handle it then it’s ok d…P…
but seeing other artist’s modeling reel…the models are quite low poly…but doesnt give the feel that they are low poly…feel like want to try that…thats why I asked the question…^ ^…


base of the kung-fu master and his weapon – sword in the umbrella…^ ^…


michael-olszak > Saw the Katana Girl on your page, looking forward to what you come
up with.

SpaceTik > A pocket Ninja is very useful, so you always have a Ninja with you, when
you need one, lol. Cool model.

Its great that there are so many different ideas, that makes this thread really fun.

Heres my Kung Fu master head wip, overpainted and blurred the ugly parts.

If you cant see an image here please refresh the page, free host…


nice head xion! did you model it based on Jet Li? looks a lot like him…


The model is based on Jet Li, thats right. When i was a teenager i watched his films
over and over. He is really a character actor to me, so my final character will probably
be similar to the characters i enjoyed the most, like Black Mask, Tai Chi Master etc.


xioncajou - thanks man. I’m still working out in what direction i want to take my character (although i haven’t really made any sketches yet) :frowning: I’m planning to have something done by sunday so i can spend the whole next week on refining the idea and rendering it out and hopefully coloring it as well. Good start with the head man. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the progress. cheers man.


im clothing him but i dont know about this hessian cloth though


Evening all,

Great to see loads of cool ideas turning up for this one. I’m currently in London, with no access to a scanner or 3D package - hence my lack of participation on this one so far. I’m hoping to get something up this weekend via a borrowed digital camera though, so watch this space… LOL.

@ Murfdog >>> Diggin’ it. Looks mad - keep going! :smiley: (The hessian weave seems a bit large to me at the moment, if that’s any help?)

@ SpaceTik >>> (See above comment.)

@ Mu >>> very atmospheric…

@ Salema >>> Hello and Welcome. He’s looking very jolly for a master. From my experience, they tend to look very happy when A) They are discussing dinner, B) About to “demonstrate a point,” & C) After they’ve “demonstrated a point.” LOL. The rest of the time they scowl… it’s good for their “image” it seems to me. :scream:

@ questionmarks >>> Sounds to me like you want to be learning about displacement and cavity maps then. If you are looking in to Real Time, then you’d need to be going for normal maps. Looking good so far. :slight_smile:

@ xioncajou >>> Hello and welcome. Loving the Jet li inspired head. Where did you get the textures from? It seems to capture his likeness well, and I presume he isn’t a personal friend - so you didn’t take photos directly from him, though you never know… :smiley: Anyway, keep going - it’s looking sweet so far!

Cheers all
MIKE :slight_smile:


June 14, 2007

Not familiar with Kung Fu, Karate is my thing.
More direct and to the point form of martial arts.
Here is my first idea for the concept
Will be experimenting with Zbrush 3 on this concept just to see where it goes.



default-rol > Thanks. Mr Li dropped by, we had a cup of tea, did some sparring and then
i asked him if i could take some photos of his face for texturing.
Honestly i found some good photos on the web that i used for reference and as a base
for the texture. All structures like on the lips, the eyebrows, the nostrils, etc are painted.

SpiritDreamer > Thats a great start. A lot of energy comes across from the poses.
As Karate developed from very old Kung Fu Styles its interesting to say its more to
the point of martial arts.


I’m really liking this challenge, i liked the last one and the one before that it’s geat to see everyone churn out fresh stuff all the time.
Thanx for the encouragement and advice so far.
This one still needs cleaning up (notice the bodgey pants) on the textures


no probs dan, your all welcome! :slight_smile:


I agree with you dan, one of the best learning tool this is…


Morning all,

@ SpiritDreamer >>> Great to see you back for this event, and I’m loving the poses for the characters so far. (I will say that your characters are doing a pretty textbook example of a “man sau” hand posture, and a Ving Tsun/Wing Chun front kick! LOL)

@ xioncajou >>> Next time you should ask to photograph him for texture ref BEFORE you spar - just incase you land one on his nose or something! LOL. And yup about Karate, it means “empty hand” in Japanese now, though originally the characters translated as “China hand,” i.e. came from China. The Chinese and Japanese have had an undercurrent of political tension for many centuries, and so the Japanese altered the characters to not mention the origins of their martial art. :slight_smile:

@ Murfdog >>> The wispy beard and moustache is really in keeping with the theme, I love it! :thumbsup:

@ SpaceTik >>> I’m really glad you feel this way about the CAFE series, and long may your participation continue. (I also appreciate the “Grandmaster Yoda” irony of your sentence structure, btw.) :smiley:

Cheers all


default-rol- Thanks for the imput, man. I was trying to make my master a little with a Buda like. But I’m gonna try a different approach.



Worked a lot on my Kung Fu Master. To produce nice wrinkles i animated his arms up and
down, and then back into T-pose and used max cloth simulator to do the work.
This is the result so far, for the final pose i´ll see if i can add some finer wrinkles with


Quite a bit needs fixing and the person himself needs to be rendered out.


I was inspired to make a character of an animal, I like animals as main characters, maybe b/c my people characters never get the best poroportions, anyway I made the shaolin rabbit. Not sure if I can finish a 3d version of him with cloth in a week but thought I’d through this out there for fun.


June 17, 2007

THANKS…MIKE…LOL…I think the one on the right is in some deep trouble, between the thumb about to enter his eye, and the foot blow about to send quakes of pain throughout his entire body,…Over before it got started…KARATE,…DIRECT AND TO THE POINT…:scream:

Semih…GREAT JOB SO FAR…:thumbsup:
I don’t understand how you are doing that cloth and his face, but I sure do like the results you’re getting…KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK…:thumbsup:

Worked on this Karate Master’s hair and beard this morning.Mostly just experimenting with the new brushes in Z BRUSH 3. AMAZING PROGRAM, WITH ENDLESS POSIBILITIES…:bounce: :slight_smile:


did a bit more… space alien kung fu vs Muay thai!

might pose them this time, hope I get time…

looking good fellas! keep it up!


Thanks Glenn. I don´t understand how you can do this in zbrush neither…:eek:
I used it for detailing base meshes modeled in max. When i try to pose
characters created from zspheres, i completely mess them up.
Its fun to watch your modeling progress, keep it up!:thumbsup:

SpaceTik > Especcialy like the facial expression of your Thai Boxer. He looks
like he´s really happy to spread some pain and break some bones.:thumbsup: