The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 005


Interesting concept. I went and saw Body Worlds this weekend at the Dallas Museum of Science. I have been in anatomy class for a whole semester but nothing compared to viewing so many different aspects of the human anatomy as that. I would encourage all anatomy and figure artist to attend this “art” display while it is here in the US.


Oh, you know what? Sorry guys, I thought it was alright in this one to finish w/ a 2d illustration… unfortunately I don’t know 3d! So I’ll go find an appropriate thread. Thanks for the inspiration & keep working on the awesome stuff! :slight_smile:


default-rol - didnt consider his proportion until I saw your post…p…
and…reply you question in cafe 04…the projection master thing…
the problem I face is…after pickup…the outcome is not what I
I have done in drop mode…maybe like you were saying…the division is not
many enough…

infuscos - your giant head reminds me of the big monster in final fantasy advent children…
^ ^…and thanks for your video link in cafe 04…awesome video…(eventhough I
am not using zBrush 3…p…)

my concept is a giant who doesnt grow completely like a normal human…
his left arm is shorter and smaller…his skull is one side bigger…he has a long and sharp nose…and etc…
besides…since he is a child of a fallen angel…he has a pair of wings too…gargoyle’s wings…p…

still lots to work on…
don;t really know human anatomy well…hopefully can improve after this…^ ^…


Evening all,

Just letting you all know that tomorrow i’ll be once and for all, finally getting on with my giant for this challenge.

With that said…

@ Igor Sandman >>> I did Don’s first workshop in Monster Design. I hope you really enjoy it. :slight_smile:

@ Nannoninn >>> Hello! and a warm welcome to you. You’ve got a really nice start for an idea there, and I hope you develop it, and really get something out of the project. I look forward to seeing more of your work. :thumbsup:

@ aggie93 >>> Yeah, I’ll bet that is a very visceral experience. Hope you broke out some pencils and had a good sketch book with you. nothing like drawing from the real thing i bet… even if it is “plasticised.” :slight_smile:

@ questionmarks >>> another first class start from you, and I look forward to seeing it worked up, like you have done with the other projects so far. Really great to see. :thumbsup:

Cheers all
MIKE :slight_smile:


Hey, don’t leave! LOL! :scream: >>> 2D, 3D or both is perfectly fine on this thread. Everyone has their preference, and if your’s is 2D then 2D is what you should do. Your choice of tools should not stop you enjoying the brief. Loads of people in previous workshops have only submitted 2D art, me included, so please feel free to carry on.



…of sorts
I’m modelling from a sketch i did


Default-rol: Thanks! I’ll definitely be finishing something. :slight_smile:

Aggie: I went to BodyWorlds as well, but wish so bad that I could have had an anatomy class beforehand! I should go again… :slight_smile: Some of them were astounding…


Ah! I apologise for misleading you! Sorry I was just expecting to see it in 3d (as most people are)… :cry: Really sorry!

infuscos - your giant head reminds me of the big monster in final fantasy advent children… ^ ^…and thanks for your video link in cafe 04…awesome video…(eventhough I am not using zBrush 3…p…)

:banghead: That’s half the problem LOL. It does look to much like Bahamut SIN. I’ve again changed my idea… so i’ll surprise everyone I hope when i post it up ! :stuck_out_tongue:


:slight_smile: Hey peoples…
[left]I did some silhouettes, to feel him/it out…

I started thinking, if this giant is a chocoholic, wouldn’t he be pudgy? Or maybe he’s a pms’ing female giant instead! :stuck_out_tongue: Then again, pretty, lanky giants are more fun to draw… anyone have any suggestions?



Please don’t worry about it! :slight_smile:


The large giant on the right has a good gesture to him, as does the one facing the viewer right in the middle.

go with either of those, I reckon. :thumbsup:

MIKE :slight_smile:


May 30, 2007

My first effort with Zbrush 3 …:eek:
Using a primitive sphere
Created from my own imagination - no reference used
Going for an upward perspecive to creat the illusion of looking up at a Giant
I like the up angle on the last one posted so far.
Mainly using this as an exercise to learn this new program
All help will for sure be appreciated and very much welcomed…:slight_smile:



What’s that lump coming out of his head? The giants on the far left. :slight_smile:


MAY 30 2007

A couple of GOYA giants that someone may find useful, and be able to draw inspiration from…They are what I am drawing my inspiration from while working on this concept…:slight_smile:


very low res Giant render
I dont have much more of my 500k left
i’ll just have to start ditching posts from the last challenge
I’m looking into getting proper membership and then happier days will ensue


Hey there Murfdog,

You can use an image hoster like >>> 100% free to use and all you do is follow the instructions on screen and then post the link up using the image icon button. Loads easier than hosting here if you don’t have a membership. :slight_smile:

@ SpiritDreamer >>> Hey Glenn, Glad you finally for ZB3 and good start! The ref is really cool too - I actually used that first image by goya for the front page post. :thumbsup:

Cheers all - i’m getting on with my giant and I hope to post something tonight. Yesterday was a bit of a disaster time wise, but today is better…

MIKE :slight_smile:


I will do that for the high res stuff
But i do wanna join at some stage just gotta get organized


No problem… :thumbsup:

Here’s a very early stage of my giant >>> no hands or feet yet, and crazy shoulders, but you know we all gotta start a project somewhere… :scream:



Nice start Default! got plenty of time yet… Hey murph, why don’t you put that Megasourous you did as an avatar? lol

well a little update, figured out how to UV and displace map!

Modo is a lot of fun I have to say! :slight_smile:


little details added…^ ^…

default-rol,Igor Sandman — what is Don’s monster design?? is’t a workshop like this???just
designing monster but not 3d ???