The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 004


May 26, 2007

Worked on this design a little more this morning.



Had to kit him up


shit i didn’t make it on time! well here is the pencil rendering anyway. I didn’t have time to clean it up as good as i wanted to but hey. :slight_smile: let me know what you think. i’ll do the coloring some other time and let you know when it’s done. Good work everyone and see yah at the next one.


HEY…Michael…NICE DRAWING…:thumbsup: …Really like how the legs show the wieght and stress on them, adding rythum to thier movements, You created a great sense of motion and action:applause: …can feel a nice bone structure throughout also…:slight_smile: …GREAT JOB…:thumbsup:
Looking forward to seeing your work on #5…GIANTS…:eek: :slight_smile:


Thanks dude. I’m looking forward to it too. see yah there :slight_smile:


too late for deadline


May 27, 2007

Little more work on the design of this character
Turning him into a dragon
One idea leads to another



May 28, 2007

Calling this version of my character Done.



May 29, 2007

My final for these two versions



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