The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 004





Murfdog…I like the expression on it’s face…looks like it just saw it’s worst nightmare approaching…:scream: :slight_smile: …Maybe just a little more varity in that texture here and there, will add to it’s character…keep pushing it…looks great so far…:thumbsup:

Mike…I like that learthery texture you have on it’s belly and side…maybe break it up and graduate the size of the texture where it meets the other textures…maybe turning into an edge of varying sized scales…thoes iguanas have that kind of effect if I remember corectly…been a long time since I had one…:slight_smile: …If I remember right, they have a large curular scale like pattern on ther cheek, surrounded by smaller scales…might look good on your character…just a passing thought…:slight_smile: …REALLY LOOKS AWSOME SO FAR…:thumbsup:



@ michael-olszak >>> Good to hear you fired up for the next one… I sure hope it doesn’t disappoint… :smiley:

@ SpiritDreamer >>> Hey no problem, I look forward to seeing your character develop in the final 48 hours or so… I’m colouring in mine right now, “like the wind.” I sure hope the end result will “sparkle” like your geode crystals, LOL. :smiley:

@ Murfdog >>> “Meggasoreass The Movie: Piles - 400 million years BC…” :thumbsup: hahaha!! :smiley:

Cheers all, everyone is doing a great job.

MIKE :slight_smile:


HEY…Mike…those 3d crystals are really easy to make, and might even look great here and there as scales on your character…just a passing thought…:scream: :slight_smile:

If you are interested, I posted how to make a 3d tool with them in my anatomy/sketchbook thread…page #84… I think…only four or five easy steps to creat whatever shape and color you want with them…then you can spin them around, vary thier size, and place them wherever you want…:slight_smile:


I appologize for offending you. What i was meaning to say was something more along the lines of what default roll said above, about posting out of context. I never said your idea was impossible, i just feel its very unlikely knowing the way a geode is formed for anything to be stuck inside it, where as a fly getting stuck in tree sap which turns to amber is very likely. However there is nothing wrong with that, and that is not what i am trying to critique you on. Any way i know little about your dinosaur so far, i would like to know more, you are good at making shiny crystals though.

as far as mine being a human mutation, that it is not. imagine the prehistoric tree sloth but instead of mamillian more related to a frog or lizard. named gorilladon only for an obvious resemblence, and the way it walks on all fours.

I was having problem importing to Z3 from Maya when i devided my geometry points would go flying, but once i rebooted everything worked great.


Glenn…LOL…NO PROBLEM…I WASN’T OFFENDED, AND NOR SHOULD YOU BE…What is scientific fact today, is usually proven wrong tomarrow, and what was scentific fact yesterday is usually proven wrong today.Who is to say what could have taken place millions of years ago, and what is and was possible, when only an inkling of the past is visable, and the rest is just creative imaginations at work and play…:scream: :slight_smile:
I saw your creature, or one very closly related to it on a very old star track episode many years ago, Captain Kirk was having a battle with him, so I guess it is possible…:scream:


May 24, 2007

Worked on the character design a little today

Hey I just got the link to download Zbrush 3! :bounce:
Oh Oh - Now I’m in trouble again. :eek:

My challenge to and for myself, for the next fortnight will be to do and learn what I don’t know in Zbrush, which is a WHOLE LOT ,…:eek: with the help of all the 3D experts in here -
I hope.



Glen - I love the jewel like quality in your previous posts (one page back) I definitely would retain that quality as you move forward - great work! :thumbsup:



THANKS …Gord… I made it a little lighter and paler on the last post, but when I darken it a little, that luster, glow and temperature will come back, and the critter turns gold…just been staring at it too long today…eye burnout…:eek: :scream:


LOL if its on star trek it must be possible, i love it.
I want to see more of your dinosaur, what is the scale of it and what is it related to. so far its looking like some sort of horny toad, bird hybrid.


Morning all,

Final push for me today… new event up tomorrow… at some point - (depending on how late I finish tonight with this one, LOL.) :scream:

@ SpiritDreamer >>> Hey Glenn, I’ll take a look at you have distilled 30 million years of petrification into a couple of mouse clicks in just a moment. :smiley: Great to hear you’ve finally got ZBrush 3 and it’s just in time for the new challenge tomorrow! Good timing… As for trying to learn more about the amazing program you’ve got - my wacom pen is at your disposal. And I’m sure others will be very gracious with their help also, we are a caring bunch on these forums I reckon, (beneath our nerdy “tech” exteriors, LOL.)

@ GlenGramling >>> That early mammal/dinosaur is very similar (if not the same species) as one I photographed in the National History Museum on the first page of this thread. I was initially considering something similar, but afte I walked through the “teeth” section of the exhibits (namely the carnivore dino’s) I changed my mind, LOL. I’m such a sell out sometimes…

@ Gord-MacDonald >>> hello and welcome to this small thread in the vastness of CGTalk. will you be joining us for the next round?

Chers all
MIKE :slight_smile:


HEY…Glen…Funny you mentioned horny toad and bird…that’s actually what I was thinking of when designing that critter…When I was a kid growing up in California, I used to catch horny toads and everything else that moved LOL and keep as pets…They are pretty neat little critters, the way they bury themselves in the sand, and totally disapear…they also do something that no other critter does when they get scared…they squirt blood from their eyes, which really freaked me out when I first saw one do it as it was in the palm of my hand…:eek: …little minature dinosuaurs…horns and all :slight_smile:
The bird I was thinking of in this critters design, was the Secratary bird from Africa…real long legs, hooked beak, eats snakes ect.
About the scale/size of this critter…It’s about the size of a horny toad, maybe a little bigger, after all it is a dinosuaur…:scream: ,but at the same time, has to be small enough to fit into that geode…LOL :scream:
I’m still playing with the textures ect…will probably post a couple more up of it’s design tonight…:slight_smile:

Mike…THANKS…I will for sure be taking you up on your offer of help with the Z BRUSH program…I hope you have a good supply of aspiran on hand, you may need them all, by the time this adventure is over LOL…:eek: :slight_smile:


I’ve just spent about 40 minutes looking at lizard ref and I’ve come up with 2 basic possibilities for colour schemes >>>

I’m not 100% sure which one to go with as yet. Possibly the first one?

Any thoughts?

MIKE :slight_smile:



I can see the top one in a jungle enviroment…would blend right in with the jungle…:slight_smile:
The bottom one put me in mind of a poisonous critter with those reddish bands on it’s back…then I thought atomatically of the GILA MONSTER…of New Mexico/ Arizona…a POISONOUS LIZARD, with a really beaded textured skin, and really bright reds, blacks, pinks in it’s skin coloring…stands out like a warning sign that says DON’T MESS WITH ME…:eek: in the brown desert where it lives…just a thought that might be of help to you …:slight_smile:
They are both awsome in thier own way…the enviorment they are placed in will be what really adds to thier character I think…whether thier personality be stealth with the aid of camaflage, or blatent with the aid of poison…:scream: …just throwing some thoughts your way…might help spark something in your imagination…you never know…:slight_smile:


default-rol - the textures are really cool. i would got with the first one though, i think it suits the creature better.


default-rol – nice ^ ^…I prefer the first texture more…the pink and the green colour seems
like can’ fit well…maybe a different green will make difference…

still having problem with the projection master thing…
so…can;t finish this workshop d…sorry…
looking forward for the next one…^ ^…


Hey questionmarks,

What kind of problems are you getting in projection master? I’ve got a few at the moment too - but that’s a resolution issue on my ZBrush mesh. Geometry HD in ZBrush 3 is supposed to fix slippage, but I can’t get it to work - keeps crashing the program at the moment. Need to invest in more RAM I think…

Cheers and see you for the next round. :thumbsup:

MIKE :slight_smile:

<<< FINAL EDIT >>>

Posing him has been a bit of a nightmare, but I must say that the new Transpose tool in ZBrush 3 looks like it could be quite special… “Thank you” Pixologic! :thumbsup:


I’m not doing the colour map, as I can’t take it in to photoshop as I would like to do, so I can do it how I would like. ZBrush is good for colour, but it will take some getting used to. I’m still a lot happier doing it in photoshop “The good old fashioned way,” and then pumping it up in Zbrush (cloning over seams etc.) Also, I really aim to get Geometry HD working on the next project as that looks amazing. This project has been a great ice breaker into ZBrush 3 for me though, so I can’t be disappointed all in all.

Congratulations and well done to all who took part this time round - you’ve all done some amazing work.

cheers and see you all in the next round tomorrow, I hope.
MIKE :slight_smile:


Well im never going to get this finished but. How the HELL do you select multiple faces? All I can figure out is how to add, subtract and a few other stuff with the tool… but how do you select several faces and move them etc? I know you can do it cause ive been watching this (and turning green). I also think you can ‘extrude’ (I don’t know if that’s the correct term for Zbrush) the faces you select, as he did that to make some braclet-like things.

EDIT: I think i fixed it :stuck_out_tongue: By accident… i was just doing stuff trying to figure it out for myself…held control and dragged! So i Mask it… I just need to figure out how to ‘extrude’ it now…

Shift+Ctrl Left Button Drag to select faces in ZBrush. (selection mask turns green.)   Shift+Ctrl left button tap on the canvas to bring your whole tool back. Ctrl+left button drag to mask.  Ctrl+left button drag on the canvas itself to clear a mask you've made.
I've done you a couple of screen grabs on how to extrude below &gt;&gt;&gt; I hope you find them useful:

1&gt; Shft+Ctrl Left mouse drag to isolate what you want to extrude (the rest will disappear.)


2&gt; Move your selection so you can see the extrude when it takes place (close to profile for example.)  Then snapshot an image of your original mesh to the canvas. (See picture below)


3&gt; Under Tool:deformation, use the slider controls to extrude your mesh (Inflate works quite well.)  Your mesh will extrude, leaving the snapshot of your original mesh in place, so you know how far it has displaced.


4&gt; Then go to Tool:Geometry and hit "Edge loop" to complete the operation.  (NOTE:  your mesh must be a polyMesh3D to see this operation under the geometry tab.)



Then all you have to do is Shift+Ctrl left button tap on your canvas to bring the whole lot back, then Ctrl+N to clear away your snapshot and we're done.  Easy, (sort of.)


Hope that helps


<<< Welcome to CAFÉ 005 >>>