The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 004


I’ve been there twice, But I was young when I went so id like to again because I’d probably appreciate it more.

Anyway, I might try and do a little something. But I never ever finish a project as i begin hating my work so i give up… :frowning: …I’ll try :argh:


more, more, more…


Some quick replies:

@ SpaceTik >>> Great to see you back! We all look forward to your work for this round. :slight_smile:

@ StephanRiederer >>> Thank you.

@ bigmikey >>> Welcome and great to have you aboard! Looking forward to your participation.:slight_smile:

@ Infuscos >>> Welcome, and looking forward to your participation. I hope that you don’t feel too pressured to make art, killing yourself before you begin is the worst thing to do - I know that because I did it for years… Don’t worry about it, we are all on a learning curve - some peoples curves are just steeper than others. Good luck with the project anyway. :thumbsup:

Cheers all


Fascinating creatures, just beautiful…


Im gonna give this one a shot. My Concet is Gorilladon a prehistoric amphibious primate like creature. i dont have a concept sketch yet but here is some reference images.


“Gorilladon a prehistoric amphibious primate” wow! looking forward to that one… :slight_smile:
great pics once again default! and thanx mate!

heres some work in progress.



Very quiet at work today! :slight_smile:

more update… getting quite attached to these critters… hehe


Morning all,

@ GlenGramling >>> Hello and Welcome! sounds like a great idea you’ve got going there - looking forward to seeing it develop. :thumbsup:

@ SpaceTik >>> That little critter is great! LOL. Cheers for that reference link btw, I’ve added it to the front. :thumbsup:

I’m desperate to get back home now and start doing this project myself. Only a few hours to go…

Cheers all, keep it coming.


I’ve been trying to get SSS working in Maya’s Mental Ray all night after following Mr. Alvarez’s Gnomon tutorial on fast_SSS. (I’m hoping to get decent dino skin going by the end of next week.)

Here is what I’ve got after setting up the fast_SSS shader as he shows:

And this is what he’s got:

Basically, it seems to me that I’m missing the “mentalrayTexture” node. Does anyone know where I can get it from? Does anyone have any other advice as to what I might be doing wrong?

MIKE :slight_smile:


under you fast skin shader you just click on the checker box under the lightmap tab and it will generate your mentalray texture. you might also want to increase your samples for a better quality light map.


Wouldnt they be birds? heheh anyways neat idea, ill have to watch these concepts… I dont have the time, but mabe next time.


I’m sorry mates, I think I might have overlooked when this fortnight begins/ends. Is it already on, when is the deadline, and have I already lost out on a chance to get a good start? Thanks. Slightly confused, your pal, Peaches.


Hey all,

@ GlenGramling >>> Hi and thanks for replying to this specific query. What you described is how I got that setup with the broken/missing mentalrayTexture node. I’m starting to think that perhaps I don’t have that node installed then? It’s not showing up anywhere.

Does anyone know if/where I can download it?

@ MDB101 >>> Hope to see you on future events. :slight_smile:

@ peachstapler >>> Hello and welcome. The events usually run on every second Saturday for 14 days, back to back. This seems to be developing the pattern of every first and third weekend in the month. This current event has been running since Saturday 12th. There is still plenty of time to join up and create something. I only got home to my computer late last night from London, so i will be starting my project today! LOL.

Cheers all


hi! thanx for all those dino pics! i dont have time right now to work on some personal projects but im sure that will be of help some other time!!

i dont know what is wrong with your sss… it can be confusing setup first time… but when you learn how to setup really it’s 20 second jub…

i cant see really what’s wrong with your setup but here’s tutorial that i used first time to setup SSS in Mray…

i hope that helps… and try to read whole tutorial step by step… a lot of interesting informations there…
but Alex Alvarez’s tutorial for SSS is also really good… but i think that he complicated with sss conections… i think that is in this tut much better…

best wishes



an ostrich like dinasour with torns on it’s head and tail,to protect itself…
it doesn’t eat meat…a tame dianasour…^ ^…


Hey all,

Here’s tonight’s contribution - I’m thumbnailing before I get into proper “design” tomorrow.

Does anyone have any preferences? I’ve got a couple on there that I like, but I’m open to suggestions as to which way I should go. I’m still not 100% sure if it’ll be a carnivor, actually - though what I’ve drawn here tends to point in that direction so I’m probably going to stick with that thinking about it now…

@ chovasie1 >>> Thanks for that link. It seems I am missing that node, and I should be able o download it from the Autodesk website if I can ever find the correct page (all the links on that tutorial are redundant now it seems.) I’ll work through that tutorial once I’ve downloaded the correct nodes for MR. Cheers. :thumbsup:

@ questionmarks >>> Another great effort from you so far! Really liking the design - and those long legs you’ve given it have certainly inspired me to consider a longer leg on my design. Thanks. :thumbsup:

Cheers all
MIKE :slight_smile:


I’m going against the rules, I’m going to make a herbivor, with the rough body shape of the brachyceratops, but to look menacing and evil :thumbsup: When i get home tomorrow im going to do some sketches :deal:


@ default-rol: for suggestions on which one to do- I like the one in the bottom left corner with all the spikes, it may be a bit much though, for some reason I get a tropical feel from it. Come to think of it, the third one down from the right seems like a nice design too. But yeah, I’m a fan of spikes, so it makes sense.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this competition or not, I’d like to, but I don’t know. I’ll continue watching though.


Default-rol, what version of maya are you using i will make you a .mb file with the shader network and we can see if that works.


Needed a break from my regular projects, deccided to concept this up