The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 003


I don’t have a 3d program and I don’t know anything about making 3d art I should have mention that befor. I do have photoshop cs3 and painter 10 I hope that will be ok.


hope I get time to do this… sounds fun! :slight_smile:


Update for today - started ZBrushing her >>>

Her eyes are getting a bit wide - I’ll have to sort that out before I go on. Still got a bit to go with tweaks before I’m going to be satisfied to go on to texturing. :slight_smile:

@ Cnecktor >>> 2d is fine. Welcome and I hope you enjoy the project. :slight_smile:

@ SpaceTik >>> good luck with this round.

Cheers all


default-rol - - glad you like it…^ ^ …but it doesn’t really looks grotesque…right???
P…actually the texture plays an important role to make it grotesque…
but I can;t finish it…end up just a bull like creature
with wings…

first update…^ ^…
my concept is a damaged Amazoi sculpture which “rebirth” after being rearrange by some spiritual plants…

still lots to work on…hope it turns out ok…


Hmm, looks like everybody’s still in the early stages.

I played around with a couple of ideas. I really didn’t want to do Sci Fi at the moment, fearing I might get stuck at a cyborg or bionic woman kind of thing. I’m already doing that in another piece I’m working on, so that was out of the window. I then thought of something more now, but I quickly abandoned that idea. When I read the part about the cut off right breast I immedeately got images of breast cancer in my head, along with the concept how women fighting the disease are warriors in their own way. Not something I could easily do in 2 weeks I figure. Too emotionally charged to be dealt with lightly.

So, I guess I went for something more classical, but with a bit of a twist. I still wanted to do something with the whole idea of sacrifices that an amazon makes in trade for more battle prowess. I got this idea of a codependant relationship between a host and a parasite. The parasite feeds on the host who will die and age at an accelerated speed. But in return the host is granted all the power the parasite has to offer. However, the more power the parasite has to use, the more energy it needs and the more it’ll consume the host, both physically and mentally.

The first is basically the first idea I got. The parasite ended looking like some weird fish thing. I’m not sure about the bow either. It’s a bit too much of a cliche I think. I did decide on a strong and curved nose early on. I think it looks more powerful than yer basic cute nose or glamorous fashionmodel nose.

The second is just a variation. It was a slow day at work, so I did it while waiting for something to come up for me to do. Bleh, I don’t like the Graphire tablet I used. Photoshop should have a boss key. :wink:

Yet more variations. I tried to move away more from the fish thing. But ended up with this Nautilus like shapes. Why? Oh right. I think fish are creepy. Maybe I was swallowed by a white whale in a previous life. Nah, whales are mammals. Anyway, I gave her pieces of armor in this one. It makes the whole thing less ‘hentai’ ish, so maybe the girls from administration and the reception will stop looking at me with such disgust in their eyes. Just kidding, I think she’s more recognisable as a warrior this way.

Any C&C so far?


Some cool stuff being posted! :slight_smile:

Ok, I’m no character designer, but here’s my stab at this during some off hours at work. Some little thumbs followed by a workup of one of them - sort of embarrassing, but what the hey :wink: - very WIP:


MAY 2 2007

Made up a short poem to get me going on this FORTNIGHT 3 concept of the AMAZON WOMAN WARRIOR
From the most recent facts uncovered, they were ASIAN women somewhere up by TIBET.
Going to make a battle scene between women on horseback, and men on horseback.
Starting out with a facial expression that captures the feeling that I felt while writing the poem.
Was thinking along the lines of why woman would become warriors.
Entered my mind that it was probably in self defense of their children, after their men had been killed in a battle with a different tribe

Echo’s of high pitched screams
Beauty not needed and unseen
Riding into battle like some wild hurricane wind
Phantoms from a dark nightmarish dream
Men of war hearts tremble, caving in with fear
The AMAZON QUEEN has arisen
It’s by the men of wars bloodshed that she is driven
Won’t be anymore men of war when the battle is over
Birth is now for living, now says the AMAZON QUEEN.



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Hope it’s not too late to jump in and give it a try. I have a lot of personal projects up and running, but I need more practice on the human form…so here is my concept sketch/pose made today. I will start modelling tomorrow.



@default_rol: Looks like she’s going to be strong looking! Do you decide on a look before you start or do you go for a basic shape and then push and pull until you have one that feels right to you?

@Rebeccak: That’s a pretty good idea to quickly get something that works overall. Hmm, I ought to do that as well … Why did you choose that one if I may ask. Personally, the ones that jump out to me are top row: 4th & 6th, 2nd row: 3rd, 3rd row: 1st and 5th row: 1st.

@SpiritDreamer: Yeah, I read an article on that too. I thought they were nomadic and traveled around? That’s a pretty nice model you have there. I’m looking forward to that scene. But if the head already has this many polys, the entire scene would kill my machine! I don’t think I ever met someone who actually starts from poetry. Does it speak more to you than for instance music?

@Diabolos: Looking forward to your model. She looks confident aand strong. The fingers on her right hand aren’t really correct though, but you’ll probably fix it in the model since you drew her left hand better. That line at her left wrist is just a tad too long I think.

Need … sleep …

I added a dab of color to my last sketch. Slow day at work again. I’m eventually going for a mix between all 3 of them though. And add some stuff like maybe shoes and perhaps knee protectors. And perhaps some darker colors for the leech. Perhaps a dark green ?


MAY 3 2007

Rico D
.Really liking the look of your concept
very exotic, and also really nice technique

About the poetry, I just like to get the concept down in my own words, and that poetry seems to spark a vision every time I do it that way. Poetry is a visual language, that is made to create an image in the minds eye that is more than what is written in word.

As far as music goes, I always have it on in the background while working. Most of the time, it’s PINK FLOYD, or something classical, depending on what kind of image and mood I am trying to create.

GREAT JOB so far everyone, I’m really looking forward to seeing where they all lead to.

In the top one, I’m just blocking in my concept, and thinking about composition. Will make adjustments and refinements as I go along.

The bottom one is a battle concept that I started about a month ago. Thought I would post it here, so you can see where, and in what direction I am going in with this current concept.
[color=white]Glenn [/color]


Rico D - thank you for the crits/comments, yeah I suck at hands and feet. I was also not happy with my inking (but was tired and wanted to goto bed) - the base pencils are much better, but pencils do not scan very well on my cheap equipment…at least my scanned artwork does not look like other members who have scanned their stuff EDIT - this does not sound right, I meant to say that my scanned artwork does not look as good as other artwork that I have seen from fellow members who have hand drawn their stuff and scanned it in - just wanted to clarify that…

I really need to get a tablet one day…

I am going to start pulling poly’s after work, so I hope it turns out better…



Some great stuff being created! As is obvious, I didn’t join this workshop, and it may possibly be too late. I will see about the next one for sure!


@SpiritDreamer: Thanks for the compliment! I’m still very noobish with Photoshop though. But at least I’m not cowering in hiding anymore. :wink: Your samples look very promising and dynamic!

@Diablos: Those are very tricky indeed. I usually struggle with them as well, as you can tell from my sketches. I usually have to redraw them a couple of times and sometimes even use ‘bounding boxes’ to get them right, especially if there’s foreshortening. According to the movie Goya’s Ghost, Fransisco Goya would charge extra for hands. So nothing to beat yourself up over. :wink:


Ok I’m a little late here…had a TON of work to do this week, plus I just got a new computer and had setup nightmares :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, here’s my concept sketch…just your typical amazon warrior (ALA Xena). I really wanted to do a few more sketches…but I don’t think I’ll have time now. So I’ll refine this one, color it in, and hopefully have time for modeling!

RicoD: I like your last colored sketch the best, although if I were you I’d move her jaw in closer to the nose line.

default-rol: Good start to a head! Try to make her lips bigger, and the upper lip area(between the nose adn the lip) smaller. It might also be easier if you model/sculpt her with her mouth closed.

SpiritDreamer: That top battle scene looks really cool, nice action!

shapemaster: that totally reminds me of that girl from ghost in the shell. But I like your painting-sketch style, looks nice :slight_smile:


MAY 4 2007

Roja…THANKS…Looking forward to seeing where you go with yours.:slight_smile:

Starting to concentrate on lighting and atmosphere. Will pick the details out of the darkness as I go along. Sometimes less can be more dramatic, leaves something for the viewers own imagination to make up, just as poetry does.



Hey all,

some beautiful things turning up now.

@ questionmarks >>> I love the idea. The concept sounds really good. How are you planning on developing it?

@ RicoD >>> I had a really strong “look and feel” in mind for my character when I thought of the project - so I hunted up some reference from, and started right away. I’m loving your ideas, and I hope that you get time to push them further!

@ Rebeccak >>> beautiful thumbnails you have there, and not a dodgy cuticle in sight! LOL.

@ SpiritDreamer >>> WOAH, epic battle scene! Really cool idea too, I agree that maternal protection is a force to be reckoned with - just ask my MUM!

@ Diabolos >>> Good luck with getting something developed in 3D from that idea. I know it’s hard when you’ve got other things to be doing too. Good luck.

@ Fl3wk >>> we’ve still got 8 days or so to go - pleanty of time for an idea to develop. ( think!) lol

@ Roja >>> Nice concept - I originally thought Xena - warrior princess too. lol. Thanks for the feedback, I altered her philtrum the next morning before seeing your comment, (though I’m still struggling with her upper lip.) I hope you get to model your idea.

Cheers all, I’ll update with more of my work over the weekend when I get chance to do it!

MIKE :slight_smile:


milo manara??? is the influence??


I have plenty of ideas, in fact I recall never been without one, whether the idea was good or bad. I guess I’m just not confident with the female form and do not want to make a man with breasts and make-up on :eek:

If you have any good tips I may give it a shot.


Great progress so far everyone. :bounce:

Here is my take on the topic:

I won’t have time to work more on it, so let’s consider it finished. I hope you like it. :love:

Tale care all.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that spirals rule! :smiley: