The Character-A-Fortnight Event : CAFÉ 003


It sure doesn’t. I’m not as much into the whole “hollywood” stereotypes as you might think…yes I drew a pretty amazon girl, but I tend not to overexaggerate the forms & clothing, I do like to make things more realistic in that sense. But sometimes it’s just fun to draw some ideals :slight_smile:

And yeah my drawing might be a bit stiff…I do want to work on more dynamic poses, but first I just want to be able to draw a pose that I made up on my own. Then I’ll get into more difficult stuff.


Hi…Roja…:slight_smile: … I really enjoy beauty and beautiful women ALOT myself :slight_smile: …I just felt like venturing into a different and deeper aspect of human nature for this concept…that’s just me at the moment…:scream:
Hey, I was wondering, have you ever seen any of Burne Hogarths books…I think that you would really ENJOY and get alot out of his book DYNAMIC FIGURE DRAWING…All of his books are great, but that one is my favorite, and is the one that helped me the most in learning how to creat figures from my own imagination…I would be totally lost and frustrated in creating figures from my imagination, without having read and studied that book over the years…I still find myself going back to it whenever I run across a hard pose that i’m working on and can’t quite figure out.
I had him years ago as a teacher in L.A…All I can say is, he was an amazing teacher, and put everything he knew and had learned over a long lifetime into those books of his…so if you haven’t yet , by all means, do get his books…they will for sure make your journy more enjoyable, and a whole lot easier.



Yes I actually got that Burne Hogarth book about a month ago and have done a lot of studies already from the book! It is definetly helpful-in fact it helped me create that girl I just made here, because I did her all from my mind except I did look in the mirror for doing the hands and arms. But the more I draw from that book the more my brain learns how to depict the body in different poses…I’m almost finished with part 1 of the book, part2 looks really fun.
That’s so cool that you actually had him as a teacher! And yes…finally warm weather, got to get off this computer and go outside! :slight_smile:


little update…try on the texture and bump map…
still…lots to go…^ ^…


May 8, 2007

Little more done on this today



I will scan and add concept in these days I hope


May 9, 2007

Working on details this morning - really getting into these Zbrush brushes
Pretty fancy stuff.



May 10, 2007

Simplifying the colors - trying to create a mood



Wow, this thread is really inspiring. You all are doing a great work! I’ll be looking forward for your updates, I love to see how you develop your characters. Congrats! :bounce:

@RicoD, @SpiritDreamer, @default_rol, @questionmarks and @Rebeccak: I’m absolutely in love with your sketches. I wish I could write a good comment on everyone’s work, but I’m too tired and cold… I wish I could join, indeed! D*mn job! :sad:

Anyway, I’ll be following all your works, because I’m a stalker. :stuck_out_tongue:

Once again, congrats to all of you, guys and girls! :applause:


Bless :slight_smile:


Hey all,

Really cool ideas and some really good stuff has come out of a difficult brief, you have done yourselves proud.

I’m currently in London away from my beloved computer and programs, so I’ve been unable to add to my start this time round. Another idea for the “to complete one rainy day” pile, as it were… LOL.

Next worshop goes live tomorrow, and I’m sure that it will give everyone scope to flex their creative muscles.

Cheers all
MIKE :slight_smile:


May 11, 2007

Having fun with the Zbrush brushes.
FInally starting to get a handle on them
This is a good one to experiment with



May 12, 2007

A couple more versions
Experimenting with lighting



Looking good SpiritDreamer! :thumbsup:

<<<< Welcome to the new workshop >>>>

Hope to see you all there!



I’m still working on this one :stuck_out_tongue:
Here’s what I’ve got done so far:

I’m playing around with painter at the same time trying to discover a style of painting I like doing…I don’t want to do something that takes too long, and this kinda does take too long :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well…I’ll keep experimenting with future projects after I finish this up.


May 12, 2007

Calling this one done!

Took the theme, created a short poem for it, then created the painting from that poem.

Echo’s of high pitched screams
Beauty not needed and unseen
Riding into battle like some wild hurricane wind
Phantoms from a dark nightmarish dream
Men of war hearts tremble, caving in with fear
The AMAZON QUEEN has arisen
It’s by the men of wars bloodshed that she is driven
Won’t be anymore men of war when the battle is over
Birth is now for living, now says the AMAZON QUEEN.



this is my final piece…
I can only go this far,without the spiritual plants…
cause the paint effects are too heavy for my computer to render out…lll…
so…just the sculpture here…- -…


awesome work everyone. sorry i couldn’t join. had a little less time than i thought.

see yah on the next one!! :slight_smile:


Well done everybody! Questionmarks, that turned out better than I thought it would. Good job! Looks like spiritdreamer is the only one who managed to finsih it.

I thought I had one more day … so mine’s also unfinished. I’m aware of a lot of incorrect things and I even managed to forget to paint in some things like her panties so I painted them on top … grr.

I think I’m going to sit the next one out and work some more on this one.


And finished! :slight_smile:

That’s a nice statue model questionmarks, you should just paint in the leaves…no need to render them in 3d if that’s the problem.


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