The Change Of Melody, Chenyu Hsieh (2D)


Title: The Change Of Melody
Name: Chenyu Hsieh
Country: Taiwan
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Hi everyone,

Here is my first post - The Change of Melody.
It was from my old sketch in watercolor. I scanned it and finished it digitally.

  • original size 6000*4800 pixels
  • painted in Painter & color correction in Photoshop

The character was mostly inspired by “mermaid” and “Feitian”(flying Godness). People in East believe that “mermaid” has a divine power to change the weather. And “Feitian” is said to be a goddess of cloud, water, and music in Indian mythology. To me, there is some kind of relationship between these two mythical characters. I tried to blend those 2 “images” together and came up with this work. Hope you like it. All C&C are welcome!

*High Res image -




p.s. Here is the link for people interested in learning more about “Feitian”.

>> Hi resolution image <<


cool design and beautiful metal painting ,but the girl’s skintones seems not nature enough ,keep it up~!:scream: :smiley:


Thanks for the feedback. Instead of smooth everything out in this work, I tried to keep some natural strokes to catch “the moment”. I experiment both warm and cool colors to pop-up and push back certain areas in the painting. Hope you like it!


you ve done a good job ,specially in details ,i love it ,keep doing it that way


nice detail and color. Keep up the good work


Thank you all for the c&c! I appreciate it! :slight_smile:


Wow, very beautiful work!:thumbsup: It’s great in all aspects, I like the painting feel in this digital work a lot. The lighting and texture on skin are very nice too. A 5 star for me:applause:!


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