The Challenge, Alen Domazet (3D)


Title: The Challenge
Name: Alen Domazet
Country: Denmark
Software: Photoshop

Well, this is so far the longest project I have been working on. 40 hours. Maybe more. The idea was to create a wallpaper for Xcup, an upcoming gaming site. I had to use their brand colours and design an action scene that was something new, and could look like a new action-shooter game of some sort. The original is 1920 x 1280 px. All done in Photoshop.


Strong, learn many things!


the poser is very nice, and i like this character creation, it looks quite simple, but still powerful and strong.

about the weapon, you can set much more powerful or complex what you wanna.

enjoy! :applause:


Thanks!!! Actually, the weapon is the last thing I painted, and I must admit, I lost my patience and hurried with that one. Could be better with a better waepon design than just a “modified UZI” :slight_smile:


Strong, learn many things!


Absolutely stunning work, but if it was all done in Photoshop, shouldn’t this be in the 2d section?


Thanks!!! Yeah I was also wondering what went wrong when I found out that “The Challenge” was uploaded in 3d section.


The whole ambience and the main character reminded me of Mass Effect! :slight_smile: Brilliant Composition!


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