The Castle, CG Short



I did this short for the FX Wars, but with not only the “FX” in mind. So, I wanted to present it here, and try to get a CGTalk award, since I dream for it for 2 years now :love:.

The project is based mostly on the esthetic created for the F.F.Coppola’s movie, but with my own environments. The only ‘copyed’ character is Dracula himself. I worked on the mood and the rythm, with a slow progression from the transylvanian country to Dracula’s castle, and Dracula himself.

I did this project in less than 3 weeks, with no additionnal help (except a laptop for additionnal rendering). 10 shots, all slightly composited and color corrected. The music is from F.F.Coppola’s movie, but edited to fit the duration and rythm I wanted.

Softs : 3dsmax-Mental Ray-After Effects-Premiere-Tracktion (sound)

Here are the files :

XviD/Mp3, 10Mo :

  Wmv, 9Mo : [](

Here is a composite image :


Wow :applause: :bounce:

Fantastic: I love, the the atmosphere and the colors.
The camera shots are superb. Truly deserve an award for this one.
[size=2]The thing that I like the most is the size of the shoots. Could you give us some details on the process that you used for creating the mountains in the background? have you used an elevation/displacement map or have you modeled them from scratch?[/size]


not bad, I would have probably kept zooming the camera in with the final shot being of the eye looking directly at the camera. in other words, he keeps turning his head so you see the profile of his face and narrow the focus until the only thing in the shot is his eye. some of the animation was really jerky like the fps was really low or something… odd. I like the music with it and nice little story.


you don’t expect to get anóther frontpage plug eh :wink:
great work :buttrock:


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