The carnivorous sundew fairy


The carnivorous sundew fairy bugging one of her sisters…

Here’s my new (second) project. Using everything I’ve learned from my previous unfinished project

Initial sketch:

Working sketch:



I know I should have made a total color layout before continuing but to be honest, I don’t know how…yet… The strange thing is: I can feel what I want but I cannot visualize it at this stage. This has always been my problem. I feel the colors and I feel the light that I want but it’s always a struggle to get everything on paper

Anyway, the carnivorous sundew fairy gets the skin of sarracenia x exellens

and sundew on her head.

Bugging one of her sisters who has beautiful butterfly wings. And lots of other insects and glowing things will be flying and flowing around.

The arrangement of things presented here isn’t the final one yet, I think i’m going to change the position of the hand… Well, like i said it’s just a first attempt

To be continued



this is going to be great - I feel it!


I have much, much love for this and your abandoned project…please finish this one!

I can’t wait to see the finished one. Subscribin’!


wow, those eyes are absolutely amazing. The concept looks interesting as well, can’t wait to see more.


lovely colors :slight_smile:


Mmm really expressive eyes, the detail looks really beautiful as well. I shall also be bugging you to finish, as I wanna see what those weird toffee-apple things in the background turn out to be.


wow, judging from the eyes and your attention to detail in your other work this will be incredible.:thumbsup:


Just a little update on the sundew part. I found it very difficult to get convincing effects. So it took me several hours
. .

My greatest personal discovery :slight_smile: is the option “lock transparent pixels” It saves me soooo much time not having to make countless masks and selections. It’s great…

Thanks for the encouraging replies


wow… looks like it’ll be great!
I’m curious about your workflow. I have never seen an artist paint detail by detail, is that how you usually work?


I’m on a journey: discovering Photoshop as a painting tool. And there’s so much I have to learn.

In my current project: there are lot’s of parts of which I’m very uncertain whether or not I’m able to paint them at all. So I handle them one by one and give it my best shot.

I think that when I grow more confident of my abilities I will certainly abandon my current workflow because now I really don’t know where this project is heading to exactly. Sounds a bit stupid I know but my primary objective is to learn and gain experience etc etc

[font=Arial]I feel like a little kid in a candystore … I’m on a journey
and I like it


I can appreciate that sentiment Arty2. I feel the same way.

It’s a great feeling when you discover something new when working on a project. It’s certainly a journey…you picked the right word for it. :slight_smile:

I like this one! Can’t wait for more updates!



great stuff , dude !



Beautiful. I’ll be watching this thread very closely. I love the colors and detail. Bravo!



The carnivorous Sundew Fairy
Hair strands group together to form the tentacles with a sticky fluid at the tip Attracting various insects. She ate all day without any effort and took no exercise what so ever. And then one day she became too heavy to fly.
So now on a very strict diet.
And she get’s very much pissed off when she sees all her younger and lighter sister fairies flying with little effort

Slow progress. I had a lot of problems with the tentacles ( fluid not attached to it in this screendump) and the mouth. The sundew tentacles have become more SF-machine like instead of real plant like stuff. But I like the effect and it gives me ideas for future projects :slight_smile:



I’m loving the hair but I think the lips looked much better in the pencil version!


i agree with paperclip on the hair, i really love the style and idea of it :slight_smile:

but i liked her face in the sketch more than the painted one cause this looks older and not so cute anymore and it lost a bit of its wickedness too.

im really wainting for an update and subscribed to your thread :slight_smile:


@ Paperclip & Llynna, I think so too. I guess t was focusing too much on my technique. Today I tried to improve her looks a bit.

Her skin is still very harsh which I think adds also to the older and bitchy looks. As I mentioned before I’m planning to give her the skin of sarracenia x exellens
so I’ll work on this too

Thanks for your comments


I still get a headache from the mouth. I’ll work on it again when i’m applying the plant skin to the fairy…


Nice job… It’s coming along very well :applause: