The Cags


Hello, Guys!

This is my debut director’s work.
“The life like a big clock where people like a cags can dance or
to be just a detail.”
Combine technic: 3dMax 5.1 + RenderMan, Photos
(21 mb, divx 5.03, title in russian)
Waiting for your comments!



Mirror 2:


That was a wonderful animation. I love the way the gears draw lines on the paper…

it reminds me of an analogy to human existence. If you put all the components of a clock into a box and shake them about. how long till they spontaneosly form a functional clock.


wonderful animation. its great… ı like all stuff of work. 5 star from me…


its crazy work dude. 5 stars from me too…


wonderbar and fun! five stars…:thumbsup:

(how are made the pen lines?? very impressing!)


Thats art!

I love it! Never seen such a film before!
Phantastic work.
Looks so real!
Perfect! :love:


Hey dude the film was awesome,
but u are a nutcase

how did u get an idea like that

it’s like paranoid


nice execution too.

5 stars from me too


Absolutely terrific. Great job!

How did you go about creating the ink trails?



Nooo! Your link is down!! :frowning:

I can mirror your vid if you want…PM me.


Thanks guys for your all comments!
It’s very important to me to know your
opinion! cause it’s my first big work.

To make ink lines from the cags I wrote script
in 3dsmax 5.1 that creates spline frame by frame
and make rendering in each frame, that’s why I get
sequnces of the frames with growing lines.

To make this film I was inspired by movies of brothers Quay
and short films of Pixar Studio.

There are some problems with link now but I think it will be ok later.
I’ll try to make mirror link. Sorry for trouble!



Lets get some mirrors up guys!


Still haven’t heard anything back from him…


i’ve got his work…

this is a beatyful and master piece…i love music as well…
5 stars…

this is a mirror.
however, as you guys know that VFS server sucks…

please ivanisavich makes a mirror as well…

this server will down soon…:slight_smile:


That was absolutely phenominal.

Here’s my mirror:

I’ve got a ton of bandwidth on my new server here so I’ll be able to survive the frontpage plug this piece is inevitably going to get.


hey Tyson , can you guys manage to get a screenshot of it so i can plug it? i cant do it on my comp for some reason :frowning:


Ah I can’t get one either :frowning:

A Print Screen gives me a black frame, and the file won’t load in After Effects.


here’s a couple… if you had a specific time frame in mind just let me know and i’ll try to grab that… :slight_smile: hope these help… :slight_smile:



Beautiful work Alex, I keep wanting to watch it again. Your attention to detail is outstanding. Heck I can even see some grit between the teeth of clocks internal cogs!! You deserve all those stars. :thumbsup:



Thanks Ragdoll.



I really like the detail you added to the metal parts, like particles of dirt caught up with oil. How was that done, with displacement?

The dance itself could be shortened a bit, especially some of the early parts.
The menacing ticking sound works pretty well, we get the sense that something bad is about to happen.
Perhaps towards the end, if you want to give the impression of “not enough time”, you could cut faster and faster from the dance to the clock.

Very nicely done and original! :thumbsup: